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  1. My ISP is Yahoo SBC, and it's been nearly a month so I'm wondering how long does it takes for the main equipment to be upgraded. On top of that, my internet slowed down AGAIN for unknown reasons. I came home from work today and found that my sister's computer displayed one of 2WIREs messages that the broadband link is currently unavailable. I clicked check connection and left the computer since it looked like it was gonna take a while. I came back to see that the internet worked again, and thinking maybe it's back to normal I tested it here, only to find that it's actually slower. Another
  2. It can't be okay, I just said was my average speed was 1536 kbps, it rarely went any higher than 1600. And now, it can be anything between 700 to 1100 kbps. I'm new to this so I'm not sure what else you want me to tell you.
  3. Been using testmy.net to test my connection for a while now, but I've only decided to officially join this great community when I encountered this problem of mine. First off, I have SBC Yahoo high speed internet, and two routers. My modem acts as one of the routers, it's a 2Wire, while the second is a Linksys WRT54G. They're both wired though, I don't use the Linksys' wireless capability. Before I explain what the problem is, I want to mention how when seeing my test results, it reads my host as ameritech.net, and that I'm always at about half it's average speed. This was before some
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