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  1. yeah im paying the same amount as yours...hehe...what is your area? if you're within manila, globe dsl is also a good option...dsl connection like mine requires a phone line though unlike the wireless smartbro...but then, it's worth all the costs...as to area availability, it is said on their site that it is really limited yet but they are working on it to make it available to as many clients as possible...
  2. by the way, i've been searching the net for possible configuration of wifi router for pldt mydsl but to no avail, i got none...so, just in case any of you know some things, mind sharing them to me? by the way, i'm using D-Link DI-524...it is just that i suspect the router to cause all the mischief of my browsing experience...but not the download...anyway, please...anyone?!? @acyaj, you can read the post 20 steps to tweak smartbro and check if it will benefit your connection a bit...or perhaps, you could try reading the first portion of this topic...it does help a bit to some and a lot to
  3. by the way, i've been searching the net for possible configuration of wifi router for pldt mydsl but to no avail, i got none...so, just in case any of you know some things, mind sharing them to me? by the way, i'm using D-Link DI-524...it is just that i suspect the router to cause all the mischief of my browsing experience...but not the download...anyway, please...anyone?!?
  4. hmmm...after searching the forum, i've found this thread and since it's about pldt mydsl, well here it is. the speed above is untweaked and untouched though this is quite low compared to my speed before which is beyond 1000, i guess, this should just be normal since its 3pm of saturday today... by the way, i just got my pldt mydsl connected today. so, currently, i am just on the "know it all" phase. so, for initial queries, i am just wondering why browsing using internet explorer (7 running on Windows Vista Ultimate) is slower compared to browsing the net using Opera Brows
  5. @ sira computer, we have not paid a single centavo since we notified smart that we want the service terminated the moment the 1 year contract lapsed. so if you are with them for 1 year already, which i have already been, then, i don't see any problem of you switching to another isp... as of today, all things are still good. i can download a movie at a rate of 120-140kb/s (speed only fluctuates to this boundaries)...i'll just observe some down time which i wish to be not as bad as when compared to smartbro.... @ frostbound, most of the tweakings done here involve the cablenut program
  6. with these changes happening rapidly, i guess i won't be posting that much here anymore since i am no longer a smartbro user. So to all remaining smartbro users who are still contented with their service and whose patience reaches no boundaries, good luck to all of you. I did enjoy some experiences with smartbro but then I guess, everything changes...
  7. after one year of good experience with smartbro, i am hoping for another one with pldt mydsl this time...just got my smartbro disconnected and replaced by mydsl instead and as of now, all i can say is "im in heaven"
  8. Haaaay...i'm sad about the decision...reclusion perpetua ONLY?!? Also, the situation once again proved that most of the Filipinos are terribily emotional and sentimental, specially the most vulnerable class of them all, the lowest...Can't they see how their sympathy is being used by the estrada family to provoke havoc and chaos...common' Evidence?!? What evidence are they looking for? Is not the enormous amount of money in his bank account not enough proof? haaaaay.... but then, i don't give up my hopes that someday, this place will become a better one. haaaaaay.....i just wish
  9. but some posts i've read while browsing is concerned about the RWIN thing which up to now is alien to me...as today, i have not installed cablenut yet...i've just finished reformatting my pc and laptop. i've tried some tweaks before and i just ended up messing too much and for that, i guess, i will at the moment just leave my speed to that level. anyway, in all fairness to smart, what im getting is i assume just enough for what i've been paying for...asking for more is just too unethical though some increases would surely be appreciated...of course!
  10. @azgauth, sorry for minding your post but you can get to your manufacturer's site by just searching google for the hardware name...well, for your case, google VIA Rhine Ethernet driver and if you're wondering what manufactured that hardware...hmmm obviously it is VIA...hope this helps...
  11. sorry if i have posted this before on the wrong thread, i guess my querry's place rightfully belongs here... so, i was asking if gourame's setting for cablenut is in any way compatible with windows vista...that is something i forgot to consider upon tweaking some settings before. maybe, it is one reason i should have considered...anyway...sorry if this was asked and answered before...i just can't find the proper place to ask...gourame seemed to be inactive these past few days... thanks...by the way, i am using windows vista ultimate 32-bit edition. thanks.
  12. is gourame's setting for cablenut compatible with vista? im sorry if this has been asked and answered before...just can't find out the right place to ask. im using windows vista ultimate 32 bit edition. thnks.
  13. My speed this morning...the DL is back to normal unlike the UL...anyway, here it is... 1. from testmy 2. from speedtest.net the DL is almost comparable...not the best but this will do at the very least...
  14. i guess the reason for my fluctuating speed is a base station defect... or perhaps, i'm just mistaken... @siracomputer, taking into account the time i have been using my hard disk, i think the reason for this mess is way beyond its size...but then, i do not remove the possibility that it could affect my pc performance... haaaay...i wish i could have those speeds like yours...hehehe... its been all day wrecked speed for me...a situation i have never experienced ever since i had my smart bro connected... :sad:
  15. and now...look how pitiful my connection had become... :cry: instead of them becoming better, they started to become the worst........haaaay...i surely would want this nightmare to be over...if it is still a dream...
  16. is this a dream or am i just too damned to comprehend? my speed today... :shocked:
  17. may i just ask guys? can you see cablenut minimized menu along the windows start bar? because i once do but i have made it hidden. will that disable cablenut? (i cannot tell the difference whether or not it is enabled or disabled since it hardly made any difference at all) anyway, if so, how could i get it back where it is supposed to be? by the way, i do admire those speeds you posted above...you really have been highly blessed...while me, stucked on this speed...haaaay...anyway...good day to everyone!
  18. as to nod32, i guess i won't be able to test its efficacy since there is no freeware like avast or avg. the only thing they give away is a measly 30 day trial...haaaay....
  19. at coolbuster, nah, i just got excited on the release of the new harry potter book and that's all, anyway, such reason needs another place in this forum. as to my speed, its my usual ones even before and after the tweaking process i undergone with the above supervision of gourame...hehe... by the way guyz, what would you suggest using, avg or avast? does any of those affect the speed of smartbro? also, i am currently running ad-aware antispyware or should i uninstall it and be contented on windows defender...im just in deep wonder on how to manage things in my pc after r
  20. hello there everyone, how is everything going now? just dropping by...good morning!
  21. hello there everyone, though i have been in this forum for quite sometime, my appearance has not acquainted that much folks basically since i have been working most of the time. anyway, just dropped by to share my smartbro download speed i acquired today and here it is haaay...sad to say, that's all i can have at the most...how i wish i can be on the upper side. by the way, that speed has been acquired with cablenut and the patch coolbuster has posted on the other topic...thanks though! :grin:
  22. Good morning everyone! hello sir gourame, its been quite a while since we last talked. hehe... by the way, just to fulfill a promise, this is my speed right now...sadly, nothing changed after all the tweaking things we did...hehe...but then, it's quite better than the ones we obtained during the crisis stage... but then...how i wish i reach those beastly speeds everyone here is getting... :cry: anyway, here it is... :smile2:
  23. thanks for that... but then, it seems that it is continuous and stable so far...the only problem is speed... oh man...
  24. grift3r74, where in bulacan are you from? it seems that in calumpit and malolos area, things are getting the way they should...im just wondering if we are from the same town. paombong me
  25. by the way, i get to manage myself with the pinging thing and the connection seems to be somehow stable without experiencing a timeout...im just wondering where the problem lies... hmmmm...
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