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  1. not sure exactly...

    last month i was having disconnection problems,  and have been tweaking my canopy, my pc, upgrading softwares and drivers, even formatting my whole drives but still disconnecting. so i called smart and ask me a series of questions and help me to do this and that (the only good CS i've talked so far..btw). until we arrived to decision to change my lan card. so i did! after changing the disconnection was gone!!! problem was solved (last week only). so i tweaked my pc again(canopy, cleaning, cablenut, etc) but the connection was slow (120+kbps)... smart called me up and ask me about my status... i said the disconnection was gone but i was only running less than 384kbps... he told me that he was seeing some issues about the basestation and will report the problem.

    after 3 days, i just woke up and found this awesome speed running on my pc! at first i thought the test was only cached, so i cleaned my cache but it was still the same!!! whoa!!! i tried other speed test sites as well and i wasn't dreaming!!!  :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:

    i don't know what really happened but if they did fixed something on the basestation i hope it will be forever!!!  :smitten:

  2. Help needed.

    I just bought a new laptop and i want to connect it to the internet

    using the current smartbro antenna i have with my desktop computer.

    but when i connect the network cable to the laptop, i still can't connect

    to the internet... can anybody help how to setup up my laptop without

    using a router.

    Thanks in advance!!!


  3. @ SiraComputer

    are using a proxy during those test? Would you mind sharing to us

    what proxy you are using...Tks!

    im using different connections at different times like during peak hours

    where there are many users connected to the base station, i use a proxy

    like meridian.ph or smartbro.net, which gives me a satisfactory speed of

    350+kbps, however these proxies(i think) are limited only for up to 386kbps

    speeds. So, during off-peak hours, i use auto-detect or direct connection

    settings which gives me speed of 400+kbps. but during peak hours if i use

    non-proxies, it only gives me about 150-300Kbps speeds...

    does anybody experience the thing....???

  4. it can be read now @ fr0stbound -  http://coolbusteratyourservice.blogspot.com/

    in addition to speeding up your firefox, you can download the following add-ons

    for a better browsing experience:

    flashblock -> replaces flash objects with a button you can click to view them.

    pdf download -> allows to choose what you want to do with a pdf file: download

                            it, view with an external viewer, or view as an html

    Fasterfox -> performance and network tweaks for firefox.

    Note: do not install too many add-ons as they may affect your browsing speed.

              choose only the ones you need.

  5. thanks guys!

    but the website i shared doesn't show the actual file to be downloaded.

    the link is only shown as:


    this is using videodownloader(firefox add-ons)

    that's the player only... it's a stream file and i can't find the right tool to

    download it.

    may be you can try this link for yourself and let us know if you can

    dl it with your tool:


    thanks for the help....

  6. do you have any suggestions on what tool to use with

    regards to downloading any video files from different sites

    such as youtube, google vids, etc? specially for streaming


    i want to share this cool site where you can watch the latest

    movies for free in high quality. i want to download them but

    don't know what good software to use...


    pls help....

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