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  1. Moved the router and reinstalled my wireless network card, still the same problem. Perhaps the router is faulty?
  2. I thought the same, but i've tried every channel, 1-13, and most of them have perfect signal as I am only about 4 metres away from the router. But on every channel, the speed drops from 54Mbps. Is there any setting I have wrongly changed on my router?
  3. Hello all, new to these forums, go easy on me I checked the Networking forum and couldn't find anything that answers my query, but if I have missed something I apologise. I'm with Virgin Media in the UK and I am paying for a 2MB service. I have the F-5D7130 Belkin router, and I am using a Belkin 54 Mbps Network card. The speed shown when I hover the mouse over the network icon in the taskbar varies considerably. I used to have a constant 54.0 Mbps with a Very Good/Excellent signal strength. For the last week, the speed has dropped from 54.0 to 48.0 to 36.0 and sometimes to 24.0
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