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  1. yeah i did that, i found a windows that came with the laptop. thx
  2. hey, i have a laptop that I want to format, only problem is that it doesn't have a floppy drive, so I can't get into DOS to format c: how else can I format the c: drive [the main drive], is there some other way to get into dos other than the floppy boot disk? maybe a boot cd? thanks! - tomer
  3. Yup should be pimpin'. Anybody got some advise? - Tomer
  4. tried that, the computer started beeping on startup so I changed it back... now it's: dimm1: 512 dimm2: 256 [not reconized] dimm3: 512 anybody else know what to do? - Tomer
  5. Hello, I have a gigabyte motherboard, a few years old. It has 3 DIMM DRR memory slots. The manual said it has 4 buses, 2 of them are on DIMM1, and DIMM 2 + 3 each have one, not sure what that means though. Anyways I have 3 memories: 2 x 512 DDR400 Kingston sticks 1 x 256 DDR233 Samsung stick. I put all 3 sticks in, but the mobo only reconizes the two 512 sticks [1GB], the extra 256mb would help, so anyone know why it's not reconizing it? Thanks - Tomer
  6. I'm upgrading my computer with these parts, firstly, here is my current computer: Gigabyte motherboard Pentium 4 1.62GhZ Prossesser 2x512MB Kingston DDR400 Memory 40GB Maxtor ATA Harddrive GForce4 64MB Graphics card LG 52x24x52 normal burner I'm replacing most the parts [except the hard drive + memory]: Motherboard ASUS P5GD1-VM Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 915G Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Processors Intel Pentium 4 641 Cedar Mill 800MHz FSB LGA 775 EM64T Processor Model BX80552641 Graphics Card MSI RX1600PRO-TD256E Radeon X1600PRO 256MB GDDR2 PCI Express x
  7. Try switching channels, maybe there is something that is interfering with the signal.
  8. How do you know my motherboard doesn't support DDR2? I think my mobo is called: 694X-596B-977 - Tomer
  9. I decided just to buy 1GB ddr RAM myself and put it in. The computer has 3 RAM slots, it currently has 1 x 256MB 32x8 DDR266 I want 1GB, so I need to buy 1GB as I can't use the current one as if I do, the old one is DDR266 and new one will be probably DDR400, and I was told they don't mix well. Correct? So should I buy 1x1024MB, or 2x516MB? Thanks! - Tomer
  10. @ rammolo - not included. Guys, I have 2 chooses, 1 is to go with this deal or something close, the 2nd, switch computers with my sister as she doesnt mind a P3. She has a P4 1.6Ghz 40GB hd 256 RAM Basically all I need is to play Counter Stike, and be able to use photoshop and internet browsing fast. So I thought to upgrade the P4 to 1GB RAM, would that be good? - Tomer
  11. Thanks guys, only problem that I'm currently living in Israel, so I dont have all those options as you guys in the US. The guy that gave me a quote lives near by, and I prefer having a person in charge of my support instead of a company as if I have a problem he can just pop in by. What's my best chooise? Just tell him that the prices he gave me are too much and ask him to reduce them? I really prefer not to but the parts seperate. I want 1 person in charge of all my stuff, I just want to be chargeed reasonable prices. Thanks
  12. I dont understand too much about computer hardware, and I need a new computer, so I called a computer guy that my friend uses, he quoted me this: case:$43 motherboard: $130 prosseser AMD 3000 64 BIT: $195 memory 1gb: $184 disk sata 80gb: $82 burner dvd: $65 ati radeon 128mb FREE! -------------------- total: $702 this price is also with trade in, as i'm giving him my old computer: P3 933Mhz 20-30GB hd 256 RAM So the prices are after I give him my computer. Am i being ripped off for any specific parts? Thanks - Tomer
  13. I'm telling you though that I get an error before I get asked for the key.... So the key is not the problem.
  14. I don't live in the USA, it would take ages to get a disk, I need this done now. The version I downloaded I think is good as it worked for many many others.I think its a computer problem, the way i setup the HARDDRIVE. I know have a single partion 40gb harddrive in FAT32, Swimmer: is all that in those 6 floppys you can download? - Tomer
  15. I have a valid key liecenced to me, I just don't have the CD, lost it. What else am I going to do? @ Swimmer - what's a full format? I thought thats what i'm doing. - Tomer
  16. Hey, I'm formatting my other computer, it had C, D and E partions, so I deleteed everything from fdisk, and created only "C" as primary partion, then I restart and started the Windows XP install via DOS [E:/i386/winnt.exe], so it started copying files to the hard disk, around 6-7 files were said to fail copy, so I continued the copy, when it finishes the DOS setup, it sais to restart and Windows XP Install will continue, I restart, and when it starts up, it goes to a windows error saying "to try scanning the hard drive and remove hard drives or something", I can't continue. What is the pr
  17. Yeah you won't get good picture, put the resolution as low as possible. Bot movies and pictures should look good. - Tomer
  18. OK thanks I'll get the smartdrv.exe I want the drive to be NTFS, not Fat32, should i go with the fdisk way? - Tomer
  19. Yeah I found the /i368/winnt.exe install. It works good, so I will be able to remove all the partions and create only C when I continue the install? - Tomer
  20. Thanks MYRIAGON. The disks I have are C, D and E: In my computer, I check and I don't see my CDROM drive. When I enter via the windows 98 boot disk, I can access C & D, but E: is the cd-drive which should be the hard disk.. Whatever, my only problem now is that when I go to run SETUP.EXE on the windows XP, it says application can't open in DOS mode. What do I do? - Tomer
  21. Danmit, I was playing around with the CMOS settings => 'Boot Order' settings and I don't know what happened but know I can't even see the CD-ROM drive in My Computer, it still opens and closes, but the computer doesn't reconize it, can anyone help? I'm desperate. - Tomer
  22. Thanks, I really have no idea what I need. I need a floppy disk that I insert, I'm taken to black screen with DOS promt, and there I can open a disk and run setup for windows, I also need to be able to do "format c" there. What do I need? The windows thingy makes you create a few floppys, I think all I need is one. Many thanks! - Tomer
  23. The Windows XP disk is burnt [not orginal] but it was burnt as a bootable data disk. When I put the CD in it loads DOS, but it gives errors before it shows DOS, and a lot of stuff don't work. I tried to write format c and it said error in command. I think the boot disk is no good. So can you give me a working boot disk that will enter DOS with no errors. Thanks for your help! - Tomer
  24. Hey, I want to format a computer in my house [Windows XP PRO, Pentium 4], not the main computer. I already transfered all the documents I need to keep to the main computer on the same home wireless network. I also printed out the device manager so I have all the info to reinstall all the old drivers and such. Anyways I have windows XP + serial code on a disk. I also need a floppy boot disk, but I'm not sure where to get one that I need, so my first questions is where can I get a working floppy boot disk so that when I insert it, I get DOS promt, where I go to format. Anyways the
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