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  1. yeah i did that, i found a windows that came with the laptop. thx
  2. hey, i have a laptop that I want to format, only problem is that it doesn't have a floppy drive, so I can't get into DOS to format c: how else can I format the c: drive [the main drive], is there some other way to get into dos other than the floppy boot disk? maybe a boot cd? thanks! - tomer
  3. Yup should be pimpin'. Anybody got some advise? - Tomer
  4. tried that, the computer started beeping on startup so I changed it back... now it's: dimm1: 512 dimm2: 256 [not reconized] dimm3: 512 anybody else know what to do? - Tomer
  5. Hello, I have a gigabyte motherboard, a few years old. It has 3 DIMM DRR memory slots. The manual said it has 4 buses, 2 of them are on DIMM1, and DIMM 2 + 3 each have one, not sure what that means though. Anyways I have 3 memories: 2 x 512 DDR400 Kingston sticks 1 x 256 DDR233 Samsung stick. I put all 3 sticks in, but the mobo only reconizes the two 512 sticks [1GB], the extra 256mb would help, so anyone know why it's not reconizing it? Thanks - Tomer
  6. I'm upgrading my computer with these parts, firstly, here is my current computer: Gigabyte motherboard Pentium 4 1.62GhZ Prossesser 2x512MB Kingston DDR400 Memory 40GB Maxtor ATA Harddrive GForce4 64MB Graphics card LG 52x24x52 normal burner I'm replacing most the parts [except the hard drive + memory]: Motherboard ASUS P5GD1-VM Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 915G Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Processors Intel Pentium 4 641 Cedar Mill 800MHz FSB LGA 775 EM64T Processor Model BX80552641 Graphics Card MSI RX1600PRO-TD256E Radeon X1600PRO 256MB GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card With Full Version Game Colin Mcrae Rally DVD Burner [url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?item=N82E16827101008]BenQ 16X DVD
  7. Try switching channels, maybe there is something that is interfering with the signal.
  8. How do you know my motherboard doesn't support DDR2? I think my mobo is called: 694X-596B-977 - Tomer
  9. I decided just to buy 1GB ddr RAM myself and put it in. The computer has 3 RAM slots, it currently has 1 x 256MB 32x8 DDR266 I want 1GB, so I need to buy 1GB as I can't use the current one as if I do, the old one is DDR266 and new one will be probably DDR400, and I was told they don't mix well. Correct? So should I buy 1x1024MB, or 2x516MB? Thanks! - Tomer
  10. @ rammolo - not included. Guys, I have 2 chooses, 1 is to go with this deal or something close, the 2nd, switch computers with my sister as she doesnt mind a P3. She has a P4 1.6Ghz 40GB hd 256 RAM Basically all I need is to play Counter Stike, and be able to use photoshop and internet browsing fast. So I thought to upgrade the P4 to 1GB RAM, would that be good? - Tomer
  11. Thanks guys, only problem that I'm currently living in Israel, so I dont have all those options as you guys in the US. The guy that gave me a quote lives near by, and I prefer having a person in charge of my support instead of a company as if I have a problem he can just pop in by. What's my best chooise? Just tell him that the prices he gave me are too much and ask him to reduce them? I really prefer not to but the parts seperate. I want 1 person in charge of all my stuff, I just want to be chargeed reasonable prices. Thanks
  12. I dont understand too much about computer hardware, and I need a new computer, so I called a computer guy that my friend uses, he quoted me this: case:$43 motherboard: $130 prosseser AMD 3000 64 BIT: $195 memory 1gb: $184 disk sata 80gb: $82 burner dvd: $65 ati radeon 128mb FREE! -------------------- total: $702 this price is also with trade in, as i'm giving him my old computer: P3 933Mhz 20-30GB hd 256 RAM So the prices are after I give him my computer. Am i being ripped off for any specific parts? Thanks - Tomer
  13. I'm telling you though that I get an error before I get asked for the key.... So the key is not the problem.
  14. I don't live in the USA, it would take ages to get a disk, I need this done now. The version I downloaded I think is good as it worked for many many others.I think its a computer problem, the way i setup the HARDDRIVE. I know have a single partion 40gb harddrive in FAT32, Swimmer: is all that in those 6 floppys you can download? - Tomer
  15. I have a valid key liecenced to me, I just don't have the CD, lost it. What else am I going to do? @ Swimmer - what's a full format? I thought thats what i'm doing. - Tomer
  16. Hey, I'm formatting my other computer, it had C, D and E partions, so I deleteed everything from fdisk, and created only "C" as primary partion, then I restart and started the Windows XP install via DOS [E:/i386/winnt.exe], so it started copying files to the hard disk, around 6-7 files were said to fail copy, so I continued the copy, when it finishes the DOS setup, it sais to restart and Windows XP Install will continue, I restart, and when it starts up, it goes to a windows error saying "to try scanning the hard drive and remove hard drives or something", I can't continue. What is the problem you think? bad version of XP [i'm downloading a different version now] or the hard drive? Thanks! - Tomer
  17. Yeah you won't get good picture, put the resolution as low as possible. Bot movies and pictures should look good. - Tomer
  18. OK thanks I'll get the smartdrv.exe I want the drive to be NTFS, not Fat32, should i go with the fdisk way? - Tomer
  19. Yeah I found the /i368/winnt.exe install. It works good, so I will be able to remove all the partions and create only C when I continue the install? - Tomer
  20. Thanks MYRIAGON. The disks I have are C, D and E: In my computer, I check and I don't see my CDROM drive. When I enter via the windows 98 boot disk, I can access C & D, but E: is the cd-drive which should be the hard disk.. Whatever, my only problem now is that when I go to run SETUP.EXE on the windows XP, it says application can't open in DOS mode. What do I do? - Tomer
  21. Danmit, I was playing around with the CMOS settings => 'Boot Order' settings and I don't know what happened but know I can't even see the CD-ROM drive in My Computer, it still opens and closes, but the computer doesn't reconize it, can anyone help? I'm desperate. - Tomer
  22. Thanks, I really have no idea what I need. I need a floppy disk that I insert, I'm taken to black screen with DOS promt, and there I can open a disk and run setup for windows, I also need to be able to do "format c" there. What do I need? The windows thingy makes you create a few floppys, I think all I need is one. Many thanks! - Tomer
  23. The Windows XP disk is burnt [not orginal] but it was burnt as a bootable data disk. When I put the CD in it loads DOS, but it gives errors before it shows DOS, and a lot of stuff don't work. I tried to write format c and it said error in command. I think the boot disk is no good. So can you give me a working boot disk that will enter DOS with no errors. Thanks for your help! - Tomer
  24. Hey, I want to format a computer in my house [Windows XP PRO, Pentium 4], not the main computer. I already transfered all the documents I need to keep to the main computer on the same home wireless network. I also printed out the device manager so I have all the info to reinstall all the old drivers and such. Anyways I have windows XP + serial code on a disk. I also need a floppy boot disk, but I'm not sure where to get one that I need, so my first questions is where can I get a working floppy boot disk so that when I insert it, I get DOS promt, where I go to format. Anyways the computer has 3 partions [C: where all the windows files are, D and E], I want to erase all those and only have C drive. I once saw my brother format, he first got into DOS, and checked if he can load the disk via DOS to make sure he can install the Windows, than he wrote "format c" and it formats the disk, than he loaded the Windows disk from DOS and installed. Just want to make sure that's how it's done. So my questions are: 1) Where to get the floppy boot disk? 2) How to get only C drive instead of all 3 partions? 3) What's the command to open the CD drive [cd e: ?] to check I can load Windows? 4) Is the rest of my steps correct? - Tomer
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