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  1. do you think smartbro technicians can disable something in the canopy so that the connection of yours cant be use with a router, because what happened to me was my connection is good whenever its directly connected to only one pc in that case i can surf the net...the problem is when connect the smartbro connection to a router my 3 pc's shows limited or no connectivity...ive done the repair button a lot of times but its no use...do you think the problem lies on the router or technicians disabled something on the canopy ..... the reason im suspecting the technicians doing something is because when i called them they said that they can configure it 500 php per pc.. so thats 1500php for the 3 pcs...that is the reason.. so guys do you think there is something to chang in canopy setting the have done or is it the router? (asus rx3031)
  2. dmag07


    i have a newly installed smartbro in my office. and the connection is fine but whenever i put the smartbro connection to a router my, 3 pc's connection shows limited or no connectivity ..what should i do for my 3 pc's to be connected to the internet?? by the way my router is asus rx3041
  3. cra ito pare kasi parehas naman ng model brand itong nasa bahay saka ung kanina...eh un ginawa ko nga tinest ko kanina dito sa bahay ayaw talaga
  4. ayaw pare....the combination is not valid ang sabi
  5. ayaw un.. kasi pagkakaalam ko dapat talaga connected nakalagay sa connection para makaenter sa default address ng router...eh in the 1st place nga hindi ako makaconnect pag nakakabit ung router ko..laging ganun (limited or no connection) kaya i assumed na sira talaga ung router....kasi nung inauz ko dati ung router ko dito sa bahay eh hindi manlang siya nag limited connection..kaya un na mac clone ko for the pc's to surf the net
  6. @jun101ph.....pare i think sira ung router kasi lahat ng tips mo hindi gumana,...ang ginawa ko tinest ko dito sa bahay ung router (same router brand ung ginagamit ko dito sa bahay) and un ganun din lumabas na connection na limited and no connectivity... so thats why i thought na sira ung router..
  7. unable to contact dhcp server it has timed out
  8. unrecognize or incomplete command line nakalagay sa ipconfig/reset
  9. ayaw pare cannot be displayed nakalagay...nireset ko na pero ganun padin ito ung lumalabas na ip address pag limited
  10. ok wait....kailangan ba nakakabit ung router sa pc pag papasaok ka sa gui? kasi pag nakakabit sa router page cannot be displayed or cannot find server kasi nga limited ung connection.. tapos kung direct na walng router or itong isang pc lang aun timeout naman
  11. ito po ung ip address ng router ko ayaw mabuksan kasi gusto ata nakakabit mismo ung router eh by that limited naman connection
  12. hindi nga po mabuksan ung setting ng router kasi limited ung connection...
  13. pwede step by step ? kasi minimal lang talaga alam ko sa mga ganito... panu un configure ko itong 3 pc while nakakabit na ung router ?
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