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  1. i know i was surprised too, hence y i posted this... this is the only place that has those type of results; everywhere else gives lower :( also, i tried each one a few times to make sure and came out about the same each time. ironically, when i download stuff, it goes nowhere near that fast- only about one mbps tops when downloading if im lucky and uploading is quicker than that... :?:

  2. o and last thing, it wont let me use smarTest or dl the small file because it says:

    ERROR :: 337 :: Sorry but 105438 Kbps is too high. Our test cap is currently set at 30000 Kbps. This does not necessarily mean you have an awesome connection... this most likely means that...

    **Somehow the test is in your browser cache

    ** You clicked <back> and are now getting ERROR results

    TestMy.net has filters in place to weed out bad results. You should RE-TEST and try to get an accurate reading.

    If you get this often try to not click back. :)

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