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  1. just because IE7 will have tabbed browsing doesnt mean itll be the best. almost every browser has tabbed but IE6, so i see no reason to switch back just because i can use tabbed browsing with IE7. but dont worry everybody, youll see that IE7 wont have as many options as FF. if IE7 has anything like the about:config that FF has, then ill be slightly impressed. if it has extensions like FF, then ill be slightly even more impressed, though probably dissapointed since i doubt that theyll be user-written, and therefore not have as much variety. and if IE7 can give an extension similar to FoxyTunes, and it can control more than just WMP, like winamp and stuff, then ill be even more impressed, but unless IE7 has some sort of revolutionary new feature that FF doesnt have, im sticking with FF.

    btw, IE is better for displaying sites simply because it doesnt completely follow W3C standards and allows for lazier coding. i know this for a fact because when i was coding my site, IE displayed it perfectly even though i had errors in there, and FF displayed the errors, causing me to have to go back and correct them. IE is only good for people like me who are lazy-asses. but im still sticking to FF.

  2. meh, im not really interested in how secure a browser is, because my computer used to be a fortress of protection that i never needed. i got rid of my anti-virus program and firewalls but kept the spyware programs. my computers been fine and hasnt had any viruses, and i think that everybody choosing browsers simply because of how safe they are or how many viruses are written for that browser is just really dumb. im using firefox because of all the features.

    just the sheer amount of extensions written by users is almost enough to convince me that FF is the best. IE7 may have tabbed browsing, but whats the point of switching back over to IE when i have a perfectly good browser right now? even if IE7 did allow for user-written extensions (doubt it) and had every single one of FF's features, then im still not switching because theyd be equally good so thered be no point.

    okay, done ranting. ;)

  3. no application specific settings that i know of, and ive been looking.

    i was considering getting the kensington and saving the money, but i decided that i didnt like it as much because it wasnt as radical a change as i would have wanted from the old ball-and-chain mouse i had. (btw, does your mouse go idle after like 10 seconds of inactivity? mine does. saves power and comes back on instantly. also, does that one have an on-off switch? i didnt take a close enough look at it in the store.)

  4. is there any way to make it game compatible?

    not gonna return it; i tried out both the intellimouse and the mx 1000 before i made a decision as to which and i just really dont like the intellimouse that much. its just not heavy enough, nor is the shape as nice on my hand. its not recharable and the only way to tell if the batteries are low on the intellimouse is when it starts lagging or just turns off. not good when youre in the middle of a game and the mouse just craps out on you as you frantically search for batteries. it doesnt have cruise control or application switch, either. the only thing microsoft has ever done better imo is make their mouse wheel smoother.

    ill just try contacting logitech about it, but i dont play games that much anymore and the logitech settings thing doesnt take up many resources, so the problems with it are not that bad, just would be nice if they could be fixed.

  5. i just bought a Logitech MX 1000 Laser Cordless Mouse with Rechargable Battery. the thing kicks ass, way better than the cheap, plastic, crappy Gateway mouse with a short-ass cord and a dust-magnet ball i got with my crappy PC like 3-4 years ago (thats right, i skipped the optical generation of mice entirely; straight from ball to laser). however, ive got a couple questions regarding the extra buttons its got. (tilt wheel, "cruise control," application switch, and forward/back buttons)

    1. in games, such as MOHAAS, the extra buttons with not be recognized for some reason. why not? having a few extra buttons would be really nice when blasting nazis.

    2. apparently, if i dont have Logitech's mouse settings program up at all times, all of the new buttons wont work. whats with that? any way to fix it?

  6. nvm, theyre not ads, theyre just a new feature of gmail. a really cool one btw. :D


    Clips appear at the top of your Inbox. In addition to Google Sponsored Links and Gmail tips, you can display clips from blogs, news sites, and other online sources by adding from the link below.  Learn more

    the 'ads' i was seeing were just the couple of default ones they have i guess just to make sure u notice the new feature or something. this looks awesome! :D

  7. idk, i think theyre like AdSense, only different. i read an article saying that google was going to start changing the way AdWords and stuff, but i didnt think that meant something like adding ads like this. i guess these are sorta okay, though, since they take up less space than the former ads did. they are more invasive though, since theyre right in the center of the screen.

    and i posted screenshots of them, so u should be able to get a fair idea of how they look.

  8. Word has it Yahoo is going to 1GB [or more] some day real soon.

    No need for geemail in my book.



    space isnt the only reason why gmail is better than yahoo mail. yahoos other services included with mail like integrated news and weather and such are cool, but when it gets down to it, gmails got more features and is easier to use.

  9. check out this screenshot of my spam folder. note that the picture next to the ad is simply because i have the BetterSearch extension.


    without BetterSearch:


    however, i read a message from a google rep in a different forum saying that most of the time stuff like this is just an experiment and will be taken off quickly, simply to gauge user reaction.

    EDIT: lmao, look at this ad in google. it promotes yahoo! :haha:


  10. AutoPatcher is a comprehensive collection of patches, addons and registry tweaks that give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your Windows system is up to date, even before you connect it to the Internet. It's designed to quickly patch a system with the most current updates and tweaks available, and requires no user interaction once you have selected what to install.

    Source: AutoPatcher XP

    unfortunately, they have unbelievably slow bandwidth, so u should leave your computer on overnight if you want to download this stuff.



  11. opera seems cool, but i still like firefox better. they seem to brag a lot about their intergrated seach engines, but firefox has the same thing, but with the ability to add more engines to the mix. (itd be cool if u could add google desktop seach to it but o well.)

    u know whos the real winner in all of this competition? Google. integrated searches for opera and FF, with a toolbar for IE. Google is PimPin' themselves! :D

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