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  1. I case anybody didn't notice, and this may come as a surprise to some but there are also 1TB FREE webmail accounts. No it's not a miss print I really mean 1 TeraByte ! :twisted: Not that anyone really needs this :whaa::haha: but here is one example...


    No kidding a motorcycle riders page is giving away Free 1Terbyte mail accounts sign up if u like or don't as I am in no way affiliated with them or anyone linked to them I don't care :lol:

    Do a little google searching to there may be others I remember coming across a 1000GB or something close on a MAC OS fansite or forum webpage that was also free but can' remeber or find the details and I looked around becuase I saved the link but it will take some searching with 3 hard drives ..wish me luck ;)

    On the downside of my hriders.com account has some issues with logins to view my damn mail since I have server type software as it would seem to be the culprit.. perhaps...?

    yes, that link has come up before. I would still prefer Gmail more, as they're most trust-worthy and don't have all the bugs that the HRider site's email has.

  2. do u guys know how to convert .oma files to .mp3 or another kind of music file? i ask because when i bought God of War, (awesome game, btw), it came with a code to download the God of War soundtrack for free. i go to the site, input the code, and it tells me i need to download sonys sonic stage program. so, with a sigh and a grumble, i downloaded their program, then i downloaded it with that. all the files were in .oma, (sonys own file type...), so i cant play them.

    ive looked around for conversion programs, but i only found one that looks like itd be able to, but it gets an error every time i try to convert one of the songs. so im out of ideas, and dont feel like paying 10 bucks for the soundtrack that i was supposed to get for free.

  3. hey, i have a question about the Gmail Notifier program. (not the firefox one, the one made by google that hasnt been updated in forever) is there a way to get it to check more often? the firefox one allows you to set how often it checks, so it always says how much mail i have before the non-firefox one. also, how do i get it to run on startup? i think i disabled that awhile back and havent found the option again.

    btw, 'You are currently using 10 MB (0%) of your 2075 MB.' :D

  4. okay, i have the SB Live! Value sound card from Creative, but i have no sound. i think its the drivers, but they seem up-to-date. i cant reinstall the sound card because i cant access the device manager, because windows has been really screwy (wont let windows update work, neither will some stuff like the device manager...). microsoft is no help, since i cant even find out how to contact them, (closest ive ever gotten was when xp crashed and i took the survey...). gateways no help either, because i violated their warranty contract- (i installed windows xp and added more RAM... sigh...), so they wont help me.

    the only thing i can think of doing is manually taking out the sound card, then putting it back in and see if the computer tries to install it. i also havent tried contacting Creative, but i dont have high hopes for their support system...

  5. i dont know yet. im going to search the terms and conditions, but i would assume it is. i could do the exact same thing by attaching files to messages and emailing them to myself, so i dont see the harm. on a different site, though, they said that google hasnt done anything about it yet, but they might if they find out people are using this to store files that are illegal and other files that shouldnt be stored on their servers for liability purposes.

  6. GMail Drive creates a virtual filesystem on top of your Google GMail account and enables you to save and retrieve files stored on your GMail account directly from inside Windows Explorer. GMail Drive literally adds a new drive to your computer under the My Computer folder, where you can create new folders, copy and drag'n'drop files to.

    You can copy files to and from the GMail Drive folder simply by using drag'n'drop like you're used to with the normal Explorer folders.

    Source: MajorGeeks.com

    :D basically, it adds a drive to your computer. everything put in it is sent to your gmail account. applying filters is a good way to organize these messages. i for example, added a filter that sends all the emails straight to archive, but with a label and a star. think of it as a 2058 GB (currently) folder. this rules.

  7. okay, im trying to install the gmail drive shell extension thing that lets you use a gmail account like a storage system, but im having trouble installing it. i installed, then i restarted since nothing had happened, but still nada. any advice?

  8. idk, but i think this ones plot is getting kinda old. at first i was glad about the first plot twist, where the kidnapping was just a diversion, then i was neutral for the next plot twist about the companys involvement, then i was kinda bored by the time i figured out about the plot to assassinate the president... idk what plot twist is now, (tho i think its just jack finding out about the president thing), but i think that all the twisting is making me dizzy...

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