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  1. lol, not so fast with the worship. apparently, in the admin thing it says view/delete members, but it just brings up a list of everybody, so i searched for him, found him, and i dont know how to delete him since theres no option for it, just stuff like his email and usernames and crap. im gonna pm CA3LE, then go back to regular ol' deletion while i find a solution to this.

  2. lol, im not scared of heights- it may be a little childish, but on a recent trip with my family to new york, i couldnt resist leaning over the edge of the empire state building and hocking a lugee (idk how u spell that). take that, taxi-driver-who-nearly-ran me-over-when-i-had-the-right-of-way-since-i-was-a-pedestrian-crossing-in-the-crosswalk-while-the-'Walk'-sign-was-up! sorry to all the other new yorkers tho.

  3. Yahoo! did announce last week that they were increasing free space to 1gig. I wouldn't be supprised if they secretly up it to 2 gigs.

    yahoo! is only doing that to compete with googles gmail, not to make their customers happy, but i guess its nice for the customers. theyre probably going to increase it to two and say that was the plan all along or something. gmail still lacks some of the nice features of yahoo!, but i cant switch to anything, gmail is the best. (certainly beats cox webmail :lol:)

  4. idk if anyones posted this yet, but...

    Just Launched!

    G is for growth

    Storage is an important part of email, but that doesn't mean you should have to worry about it. To celebrate our one-year birthday, we're giving everyone one more gigabyte. But why stop the party there? Our plan is to continue growing your storage beyond 2GBs by giving you more space as we are able. We know that email will only become more important in people's lives, and we want Gmail to keep up with our users and their needs. From Gmail, you can expect more.

    We're not in the plains anymore

    Fonts, bullets and highlighting, oh my! Gmail now offers rich text formatting. And over 60 colors of the rainbow. Discover a land of more than just black and white. Learn more

    Source: http://gmail.google.com/gmail/help/about_whatsnew.html


  5. can't you just go into download options and select the check box that sais ask me where to save on every download?

    i myself save everything to my desktop and move it elsewhere later.

    i'm using 1.2 firefox also

    i do, but it still acts like i tell it to save to the floppy drive every time.

  6. yea, but the thing is, i really dont want everything to be saved to the same location. like, for instance, when i download photoshop brushes, i have a separate folder for that to keep everything relatively organized. when i download a trailer for a game or something, i save to my documents so i can easily delete it after i watch it.

  7. not as it sounds... just after what 13 ? 15? years of "shes alive! shes dieing.. shes alive! " it get to the point when you DO just have to change the channel.

    i agree with u about changing the channel, but more of because the reasons i gave in my post above. that and because im tired of rolling my eyes every time the story comes on.

  8. meh, i dont think this was a government thing in the first place. even tho the news portrayed the husband as the 'bad guy', i believe that the family shouldnt have been so keen on getting her to live. even if she snapped out of the state she was in, she wouldnt live a normal life. the brain damage isnt just going to go away if she wakes up; itll just make every moment of her conscious life miserable, if she can even feel that. the husband moved on long ago, and so should the family. this shouldntve been on the news; it is not a matter for america to decide- it is a personal thing between the family and the husband, and it is also no business of the government...

  9. 1. im having a problem with firefox since the update to 1.0.2. every time i try to download something, it checks out the floppy drive for some reason, and if theres no floppy in there, it shows the stupid, no floppy in drive error message, and every time i press cancel, it pops up again. after about five or ten cancels, i can download the file. after the file finishes downloading, it happens again. the only solution i can think of is leaving a floppy in there because i already checked the default save location- which i dont use, i tell it to ask where each time.

    2. which should i buy in the future? an mp3 player or a psp? ive heard good and bad things about both, so im not sure which. the gaming aspect seems cool for the psp but i havent seen many good games out yet that make me want to get a $250 psp, then a $100 1 GB memory stick, a $50 external battery back, a $9 case, and $50 each games... psps are really expensive, so im not sure.

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