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  1. This is going to sound crazy, but I'm having the same problem again. Almost exactly a year later I'm having the same symptoms I was having before. Before, I guess the street tech's found the problem and fixed it after six or seven calls. I've already called and talked with comcast twice, they sent the obligatory tech out regardless how much I told them it wouldnt help, and now I'm just waiting for them to "get around" to it. Its kind of pointless to be even posting this, but I guess i'm just hoping that maybe someone else has had this strange problem and knows what causes it.
  2. Heres an update: Had a tech over once more, problem wasn't occurring while he was here unfortunately. However, he left a really long cable for me to experiment with. Basicly I waited until the problem started happening again, and then plugged the long cable DIRECTLY into the street line (no splitters, no TVs, no cables in the walls, just roof > modem). The problem continued even with this direct setup. Obviously I'm going to be talking with them again. Is there anything specific you guys can think of that I should say or ask for?
  3. Thanks for quick replies! I live in Washington State, the city of Kirkland to be specific (Just slightly north of Seattle). I talked with Comcast again today. They're sending one last tech out tomorrow before they send the supervisor, the guy on the phone thought it sounded like a problem with something on the street, but wanted to try and have a tech see the problem in action. Hopefully it will be off and on when he gets here (knowing my luck it will be totally smooth and it will be another useless venture). I'll be sure to suggest they try switching around the modems. I use my own modem (Surfboard SB5120) that has been through good weeks just the same as bad, so I don't understand how that could cause it, but I'll try anything at this point.
  4. Hi, I'm new here. Hopefully someone here can diagnose my problem better than the three Comcast Techs that have been out to my home. My problem is not speed, its stability. The error my Modem shows in its log is something to the effect of "T3 Timeout - No ranging response received." Whats odd about this is how random it is, it will go some days without a single error/disconnect/hitch, others it will be constant outages every 3-5 minutes for 30-60 seconds (Something to note is that it can be off-and-on for weeks at a time, or be solid for weeks at a time). Another thing that is odd is how the modem reacts. Sometimes it will show the error, but pick up again right away, other times the modem will reset itself without any input from me (Frustrating because I lose the logs every time). Either way, when a disconnect does happen I am unable to access the modem's Information page until it regains connectivity, or finishes resetting. Like I said, I've had 3 tech guys out to my house. The first guy replaced the line from my house to the street, which accomplished nothing. The second guy, after checking my signals, decided it was something on the street and said he would have their Street Techs look at it (I'm unaware if anything ever came of this, as my net's performance never changed). The third tech, who was here just yesterday, determined that it was a problem of noise in the lines and put some noise filters on my modem and on some of the older lines in the back of my house. I wish I had more information to give you. My connection doesn't go through a router, my modem is connected directly to the outside line (except for the filter the 3rd guy put on it), and my computer connects directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable. I've tried manually power cycling the modem, and resetting through its software. As far as I can tell my signals are fine (I cant really see them when the net goes out because the modem software freezes up until it regains connectivity). I'm not super experienced with this stuff, but I'm tired of trying to play any sort of game online and getting owned by my connection, so any and all comments are welcome. Thanks.
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