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  1. Your right dude its our own privilege to report the condition of our connection, keep bugging them from time to time so they will improve their service....
  2. Maybe guys theres a problem with your basestation, try to verify it through CSR if thats the case then you have to be patient when they restore it to good working order. Try the speed tweaks for smartbro(search it here in the forum, there are many post here that can answer your questions.....Be patient when testing this tweaks there are many configurations to consider to speed up smartbroken service....And when doing tweaks for testing verify your basestation if it is in good condition nevertheless you will be wasting your precious time in conducting speed test and tweaks... I hope this wil
  3. Apparently my friend have that kind of connection amd she said she had a 512 kbps line and when i test it it only got a 120kbps running in line...what a screw up dsl connection ....i think they are fooling their subscriber so i think twice if i had to switch to digitel im using smartbroken right know
  4. This is my speed now the base station is back at good state.....but not happy enough i like to past the 600 mark....... @coolbuster any suggestions already tweak it with your suggestion and guide
  5. Hello Bro i already did patching my connection and it is a sad story to know that our mother *&^%ng basestation was in maintenance for 2 days running until now and i keep bugging the assface CSR of Smartbro. This service sucks...i keeping tweaking and apparently the problem was the basestation
  6. 358kb/s download and 193kb/s upload My speed at 730 am with a jitter of 4 sometimes 2 and RSSI of 994, canopy being tweaked and cablenut set... @coolbuster do you have a tip how to improve this ON my Ap indicates that we are 14 clients other colorcodes have a higher jitter and lower RSSI
  7. gud pm frostbound how did you get that kind of connection, very fast huh........
  8. thanks gourame!!!!!! i will try this one....
  9. is this normal ichange my cablenut settings that has gourame configure and given me this result when i check my speed test.....any suggestions are really welcome thanks to all...
  10. ok salamat bro....sadly isa lang ang tower namin dito kaya pala parusa, tama ka naitanung ko na kasi sa csr kung ilan base station namin dito....
  11. Help plz How can i increased my speed im using bablenut and this my result.....thanks to all your feedback.... :!: :!: :!: :!:
  12. how did you do this bro? panu ba maglipat ng base station...palagi kasi sira dito samin........
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