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  1. You can check the canopy, to see if it is quite clean inside. Just open the Canopy itself. It has a push-button-like at its lower back. just push it downward.
  2. Is it ok to change the link speeds (w/c can be found under the Config. of the Canopy) from 10 Base T Half Duplex and 10 Base T Full Duplex to 100 BaseT Half Duplex and100 Base T Full Duplex. and yeah, i uncheck to first two w/c is the 10 Base T... and i check the corresponding two below w/c is 100 base T. ENLIGHTEN ME!
  3. oh sorry.... dummy me. my provider is SmartBro and its in Plan 999 theres a canopy connection a PIII 800 mhz, 384 memory, AGP 128mb. my location is cainta.
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