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  1. Cobra: what the hell are you smoking man? lazy8: exactly, you can barely see a jetliner in the sky at normal flying height let alone a blimp 13 miles up and btw the UK are doing tests with this right now: http://istresults.cordis.lu/index.cfm/section/news/tpl/article/BrowsingType/Features/ID/75330
  2. im guessing im missing something but.. whats so funny?
  3. yea mines about the same :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 25 Kbps about 0 Mbps (tested with 97 kB) Download Speed is:: 3 kB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Test Time:: Sat Mar 19 2005 04:48:49 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Bottom Line:: 0X faster than 56K 1MB download in 341.33 sec Diagnosis: Looks Great : 8.7 % faster than the average for host (dmv.com) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-ED0AIN745 it could also be a result of bad wires and bad telephone lines somewhere for you but id place a bet on the pair-gain system doing it
  4. yes it quite is..i know this for a fact because my mom's house is like 6 miles away from here (dad's house) and there i can get a nice 54.2Kbps connection with a constant 6.1 download and this is with the same exact isp same dialup # too and the even more suckier thing is that by law telcos have to give you atleast 28.8 minimum (sucks for me) but with you and only able to connect at 24k or so you by law could call the telco or whatever it is you call and complain or request they take you off the pair gain circuit or whatever they gotta do
  5. hate to tell ya this 24k but no "tweaking", modem changes or even isp changes in most cases will help you, because its fair enough to assume the telco thats in your area uses the dreaded "pair-gain system" (im a victim of this too ) which will make you always connect at a max of 28.8k (like i am) heres a definition of it: pair-gain system: A transmission system that uses concentrators or multiplexers so that fewer wire pairs may be used than would otherwise be required to provide service to a given number of subscribers.
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