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  1. granpa - Thanks for the link, I am cheking it out now!
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome tdawnaz! Well then...I fall into the less experienced catagory for sure! I am getting a new high seed laptop next week to replace my old dinasour and I am just trying to get my act together and make sure my satellite is running as well as it can. I sure appreciate any help anyone can give me that is for sure!
  3. Cool. I was not sure if the extra $20 would be worth it or not..you can't believe what Hughes says anyways. Maybe I will give it a try and post some speeds.
  4. Hi, thanks for your response. I currently have the Home plan. I was considering an upgrade to the Pro but was not sure if it would be worth the extra $20 bucks a month or not or if it would even make that big of a difference. Do you think it would be best to use the Pro plan?
  5. Is it worth the extra $20 bucks a month to upgrade from the home to the Pro plan at Hughes? Will I see any noticable differences do you think?
  6. Hi everyone! Just found this site yesterday and have been doing alot of reading. I have been doing some speed tests and cannot believe the awful stats I am getting. The first download test I did was last night at about 3pm EST and that was AWFUL! I know it was not a good time to test. My download connection at that time was only 519 kbps, my download speed was (ouch) only 63 kb/s only 9x faster than dial up! This morning my speeds were a bit better but still only running at 77.35% of the average and I posted them below. My DW7000 satellite system info is as follows: Longitute: 93W - Recieve Frequency: 1046MHz, Recieve Symbol Rate: Msps, Transmit Radio: 1 Watt. So...is there anything I can do to help speed up my situation? Should I call Hughes? (Looks like that would get me no where by reading the forum) Any of your expert advise would be appreciated!
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