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  1. @ EF hows the problem? done with it?
  2. my notes isnt the one i wrote during lecture hours, its just a lesson guide given to us with some solved problems..eheh
  3. hahaha... im taking up BS Chemical Engineering, and i have 1 year to go!
  4. wahah i dont know that!! @ ianonline, well im helping him because i have alittle background on that, hahaa... but im not taking mechanical engineering but somehow close to that
  5. @ ianonline wahaha im not genius, just an average one
  6. hah.. any way i know u got more note than i have hahaha.. u can solve it.. just try!
  7. ah.. im not really sure, but base on may notes, thats how we solve that problem, can you consult your professor about that? i really chekd it and there's no possible way on how "i" can get the roots of that if it iss^3 + 2s^2 - s + 2 ... hehe , if you want check out my notes i'l scan it, whats ur ym?
  8. ah gets. .. this is our second to the last lesson on differential equations, "transforms of derivatives" i dont knw if i cn still remember this one.. haha this was taught 2 or 3 yrs ago to us at the latter part of the term so probably im not listening..ahhaha
  9. haha.. no what i mean what course are you taking up, on your last post? what's that? laplace transform? whew forgot my differential calculus.. i take that up when i was a freshmen haha.. i'll try anyway
  10. are you sure that it is a positive sign?? in s^3.<....+....>.2s^2-s +2...???
  11. woa.. now i see.. haha il try again whats ur program?
  12. on number three im a little bit sure of my answer..refer to my solution, any way where do you study??
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