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  1. Thanks so much for your efforts Coknuck... I will give this profile some time and see how it does... I really appreciate your efforts! Thanks again einsteins
  2. Well I have played with all of these profiles but none were giving me any real increases. So...I went back to the one I was using before my upgrade original einsteins2.ccs Here is what I am getting now....although it is a bit inconsistant. seems to range between 10k and 14k (web traffic maybe?) einsteins
  3. Thanks but I think with help of some of the people here I can get closer on download to 15,000. My settings are still optimized for the 8/512 cap I had before the upgrade. I have searched for 15/1 config file for cablenut but no luck yet... anyone know of any files that might help me? thanks einsteins
  4. Well my upgrade is done... WinXp here are the results Can anyone suggest a Cablenut profile to use so I can try and improve this speed? Thanks einsteins
  5. Hi all Just got the cfg file for my upgrade from 8/512 to 15/1 Can someone help me with a new Cablenut profile? I have one currently that worked for the 8/512 Here is results from testmy Thanks for any help you can give.... einsteins
  6. I am upgrading my service this Tuesday Aug 7th from standard 8/256 to Mediacom OnlineMax service. It is advertised at 15down / 1up and after talking to the tech department they said my connection is good and I should see great results with it. Is there a Cablenut file I should utilize after I get this installed? Thanks einsteins
  7. First...let me say thanks for the help. after using this einsteins2.css I am getting results ranging from 6.1 mbps to 7.7mbps. I am clearing the cache each time before I start. Is this type of inconsistency normal? It also seems like the first run after a new file is installed id always the fastest...I do clear the cache before that one also. The readings seem to creep downward each test until I hit a bottom avg. This last time it was around 6.1mbps as I stated above. Upload is rock steady at 59kb/s Thanks again for your help on this.... einsteins
  8. When I run just the download test this is my typical speeds The last 2 posts were both with the css you gave me einsteins
  9. Ok.... this is weird When I run the download and upload test together here is a typical result after clearing the cache.
  10. Hey Thanks!! I will do it right now Stay tuned...
  11. Well I guess that was getting excited over nothing as my speeds are far less when I clear my cache first.... here is one of the better scores with cache cleared.... back to the drawing board I guess I tested it many times...never got over 6000 kpbs I really thought I had it going good too. einsteins
  12. Thanks I am kinda a newb at the speed tweak thing... I was doing some further reading and I am wondering if my speed effected by not having emptied the cache first? I am using FireFox ....should I empty the cache each time I test? thanks again... ein
  13. Hi all I just used Cablenut to configure my Mediacom connection it is 8000 download and 512k upload... I used the calulator to get my settings I think they are good, but I am no expert. Think I can do better? here are my results einsteins
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