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  1. go here > http://www.testmy.net/t-20438.810
  2. yeah it pains that much but i learned to live with it..
  3. im using those dns addresses since then.. tnx anyway.. im so hopeless specially in the morning..
  4. @coolbuster i was using NOD32 before and last night i uninstalled it then do a speed test and got that speed.. i think NAV2007 works better for me than NOD32..
  5. my speed test, 3 a.m BTW, im on XP pack 2, NAV 2007 guiguinto area with an RSSI of 700-620, jitter of 4-2, 4410 feet air delay..
  6. my SLOW test, 4:45 p.m probably tomorrow if this will not chage i will reallign my antenna hope i will get better result..
  7. @coolbuster2007 did those tweaks already, guess its a base station problem..
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