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  1. go here > http://www.testmy.net/t-20438.810
  2. yeah it pains that much but i learned to live with it..
  3. im using those dns addresses since then.. tnx anyway.. im so hopeless specially in the morning..
  4. @coolbuster i was using NOD32 before and last night i uninstalled it then do a speed test and got that speed.. i think NAV2007 works better for me than NOD32..
  5. my speed test, 3 a.m BTW, im on XP pack 2, NAV 2007 guiguinto area with an RSSI of 700-620, jitter of 4-2, 4410 feet air delay..
  6. my SLOW test, 4:45 p.m probably tomorrow if this will not chage i will reallign my antenna hope i will get better result..
  7. @coolbuster2007 did those tweaks already, guess its a base station problem..
  8. I have to break my silence now.. I've been monitoring this thread for 2 weeks now and I've tried all the tweaks that the mods and you guys are saying and yet no improvement, I'm not saying that your tweaks don't work.I guess the base station here really sucks..(guiguinto area) Right now I'm my AP evaluation shows a different values compare to my General status of my canopy ..I guess I'll have to wait for technical personnels and yell at them for the wrong alignment of my canopy.. Keep up the good work guys!
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