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  1. Lemme translate.. My recent color code was "57" (SmartBro Access Point / Base Station Color Code), it had problems, very unstable connections. Then I changed my color code to "10" as it turns out, this access point is has even more problems. Then later after I found out that number "57" access point became more stable. However after I switched back to "10" my browser redirected me to the SmartBRO Portal website, I signed in using my SmartBRO User Account & Account Number, and now I get this error: "Error code 50040: The wireless link parameters are unacceptable, please re-pan antenna
  2. i have peer-guardian running on my laptop, but i cant hide the system tray icon, im doing this so that no one knows something changed.
  3. this is great! thanks! i was able to block the game from connecting. I tested it and ping the server and got no response.
  4. I'm looking for a separate / standalone ip blocking tool. I'm blocking an online game from connecting without using a firewall program. any ideas?
  5. http://usb.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=00646&dept_id=015&cat_id=041
  6. yes it's $4.97 for unlocking drives up to 40GB. i don't own a credit card. i'll try asking my friend for favor.
  7. I tried both & here are the results. First up the HDD-Unlock tool from sir mudmanc4's link, Booted WinXP on 1ST IDE CHANNEL & LOCKED HDD on 2ND IDE CHANNEL as MASTER ONLY (no slaves), XP detected the new drive but has no access to it even in Disk Manager, but the HDD-Unlock tool detected the attached hard drive with locked status. In order to unlock it, you need to purchase they called "Vitual Unlock Card" and get it via e-mail. Second the DBAN boot disk from sir Coknuck's link, I tried booting from DBAN, it gave me errors, can't see drives attached. Looks like I'm stuck
  8. i tried it, didn't work. format errors. i did some research, the "hdd password" itself resides within the hard drive surface/firmware. and it wont accept any ATA commands like low-level format commands, unless the correct password is applied.
  9. A friend of mine recently gave me a 2.5" laptop hard drive from an old broken/used IBM Thinkpad A20m series, the problem now I can't format or partition it, it's locked, it keeps asking "hard drive password". I asked the password, he already forgot it. Is there a way to reset this or remove it completely? Model: IBM Travelstar DJSA-220 ATA/IDE - 20gig I'm planning to use it as an external backup hard drive. Any ideas?
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