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  1. Lemme translate.. My recent color code was "57" (SmartBro Access Point / Base Station Color Code), it had problems, very unstable connections. Then I changed my color code to "10" as it turns out, this access point is has even more problems. Then later after I found out that number "57" access point became more stable. However after I switched back to "10" my browser redirected me to the SmartBRO Portal website, I signed in using my SmartBRO User Account & Account Number, and now I get this error: "Error code 50040: The wireless link parameters are unacceptable, please re-pan antenna and try again. thank you." Help me please! Just to clarify, I was able to change the color code to "10" but I cannot browse the net using different color codes other than number "10". ^ ^ ^ Did you re-pan your're antenna pointing to back base station 57? You need have to a line-of-sight to that base station. Tree branches and other obstructions that block the line-of-sight can interfere the signal, causing unstable connections. Check the RSSI, JITTER & POWER LEVEL of each base station. A higher RSSI, lower JITTER and higher POWER LEVEL equals more stable connection. Plus the the distance between your antenna and the base station you're connecting to also affects performance, make sure to find the closest base station. Usually the optimal range is about 1500 meters radius (1.5 kilometers).
  2. i have peer-guardian running on my laptop, but i cant hide the system tray icon, im doing this so that no one knows something changed.
  3. this is great! thanks! i was able to block the game from connecting. I tested it and ping the server and got no response.
  4. I'm looking for a separate / standalone ip blocking tool. I'm blocking an online game from connecting without using a firewall program. any ideas?
  5. http://usb.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=00646&dept_id=015&cat_id=041
  6. yes it's $4.97 for unlocking drives up to 40GB. i don't own a credit card. i'll try asking my friend for favor.
  7. I tried both & here are the results. First up the HDD-Unlock tool from sir mudmanc4's link, Booted WinXP on 1ST IDE CHANNEL & LOCKED HDD on 2ND IDE CHANNEL as MASTER ONLY (no slaves), XP detected the new drive but has no access to it even in Disk Manager, but the HDD-Unlock tool detected the attached hard drive with locked status. In order to unlock it, you need to purchase they called "Vitual Unlock Card" and get it via e-mail. Second the DBAN boot disk from sir Coknuck's link, I tried booting from DBAN, it gave me errors, can't see drives attached. Looks like I'm stuck with this for a while, I'll store this drive for future attempts or I may end up buying a new 2.5" drive for my usb enclosure. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. i tried it, didn't work. format errors. i did some research, the "hdd password" itself resides within the hard drive surface/firmware. and it wont accept any ATA commands like low-level format commands, unless the correct password is applied.
  9. A friend of mine recently gave me a 2.5" laptop hard drive from an old broken/used IBM Thinkpad A20m series, the problem now I can't format or partition it, it's locked, it keeps asking "hard drive password". I asked the password, he already forgot it. Is there a way to reset this or remove it completely? Model: IBM Travelstar DJSA-220 ATA/IDE - 20gig I'm planning to use it as an external backup hard drive. Any ideas?
  10. Wow another innovation from Intel , a laptop could really be "wireless" without a/c adapters & can be charged on a wireless power zone.
  11. This looks good on a clean desktop, great find.
  12. I configured mine by selecting my current ethernet adapter used & I can browse the net inside my VM. just make sure you set your VM Ethernet adapter to "Obtain IP Address Autoamtically". I'm running Windows 98 SE on VM.
  13. so amazing, very accurate physics engine. looks to real to me
  14. me too. I look for more info on this & post it.
  15. mine's XP Pro on desktop & laptop. I like Vista also, after i add another 1gig of RAM on my desktop, that should help a bit. Notice: Someone managed to trim down Windows Vista to run on Pentium III pc's with 256mb RAM. I don't know it's true or not
  16. I'd go with X305, I like the price, maybe faster ram speed will help the cpu. Plus it looks cool, front loading DVD tray, flaming red color
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