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  1. i already know that.. my problem is how can you scan APs if your SM's powerlevel, rssi, etc. is not configured? i dunno how to configure it.. without power, you cannot scan for APs available in your area.. is it possible to access without using override plug?
  2. after using the default override plug i still don't know how to reconfigure my SM.. i already put a check mark on full duplex.. how will i access my canopy without the override plug? when i used my override plug, it says the RSSI, power level, etc were not configured so how will i change my AP?
  3. i haven't tried that.. i noticed nowadays that their customer care service is poor.. i waited about 30 mins..
  4. i'll try the default overplug method tomorrow to unlock my canopy..
  5. what's RJ-11 GPS sync port? where can i find it? is it the white box? if it is, where should i put it?
  6. is this really working? wala bang testimonials diyan?
  7. i can't access my SM settings.. ( i already tried using MAC method.. is there any other method?
  8. here's my speed.. i can't access my SM settings ( i already tried using the MAC method.. is there any other methods?
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