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  1. Hey gents, I had a kinda specific availability question that maybe someone might be able to answer. I am being PCS's to NAS JRB Ft. Worth, which is the navy base in Ft. Worth and was wondering if Verison had installed the FIOS backbone all the way into base housing. If anyone has an idea of yes or no or a way to find out let me know.
  2. Some interesting results maybe. Normal duplex operation found. OS data: Name = Windows Vista, Architecture = x86, Version = 6.0 1. Going to have to read up on duplex. 2. I am running an x64 arc. So I have been digging and digging for the same issue on many many sites. And I think you are on to something when you talk about the handling of large amounts of packet generation and deconstruction by the CPU. The dual core AMD is notorious for having this exact issue in servers but my problem is that their is no "cpu driver" for vista x64. And the only driver for the dual co
  3. My main concern is that the reallocation of bandwidth is disproportionate to the consumption of said bandwidth by the upload.
  4. Alrighty i have a question. Is there a proportionate relationship between upload and download speed when dealing with DOCSIS or cable internet, and the reason I ask this is because if there is it seems to be disproportionate to each other. I understand the idea of pipe capacity and no I not a cable infrastructure guru. Example: I carry the following standalone speeds. Up 70-80 KiloBytes Down 900-1200 KiloBytes Spelling it out to avoid confusion. Scenario: If my uploads exceed say 15 KB then my downloads are directly effected by a 600-700 KB cut. How does that work? I
  5. masters are expensive. gotta pay the rent. I really do enjoy the food industry, it is the customers alone that make it unbearable.
  6. Well, I guess the worst part is that that group of people all shop in the same places so it might just seem that way in those places. I am so sick of the rude customer that I have just starting calling the cops and throwing them out with a restraining order. They are not worth my time. Also, why am so jaded about the topic.
  7. www.kalypsoweb.com I have used them for 5 years now and has the best service range that I have seen from 2 dollars on up. Lots of space and excellent customer service.
  8. No, I am also an American consumer and 99% of the American consumers think that they are entitled to some special service. You know the people the guys that stand in line with their arms crossed the middle aged woman that yells at a 16 year old working in a Wal-mart. Those are the people i am talking about the customers that truly believe they are special because they spend 5 dollars.
  9. No the issue is about people that think that a business owes them something as a customer. Customers are not entitled to S#!t besides exactly what they payed for. Everything else is because consumers in the states are ignorant and lazy. And no I'm not talking about the previous poster in anyway. And the issue with the ATT customers was the use of customer service for the same issues over and over that were classified by ATT as none issues. I am in the food service industry and would happily give up 25% of my income to not have to deal with the people that think they are entitle
  10. dell retooled boxes have gone to many of my low requirement friends in the past and i have had no problems. and most are still xp
  11. Just a quick note. The reason for the delay at the departing airport, if the delay was not at the fault of the airline. Then there obligation as the service provider would be limited. The same as if a storm grounds/cancels your flight the airline is not required to put you up in a hotel, because that is an act of God. Not saying they should not have afforded the effort to care and assist your friend, the customer, just making the point. And to Roco that topic of complaint is a slippery slope. ATT(i think, one of the cell phone companies) recently dropped 10k customers for callin
  12. http://www.securevista.net/2007/05/tcpip-and-uac-autopatch.html
  13. You are apparently correct on the Vista comment, there seem to be many many reg entries concerning packet handling now vice xp or 9x so I guess I will spend an afternoon digging.
  14. Is it possible for a Terayon Modem to limit your RWIN? Or can a modem resize a packet at all?
  15. Thanks for the sugs guys mucho grassy ass.
  16. Will be moving to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in a month or two and was wanting some isp suggestions in the area. I know that Dallas is a booming server farm metro, so was also interested in non-residential services available in the area. Frank
  17. Does anyone actually have this service? And are the up speeds as advertised. This is the first symmetric home based ISP plan i have seen. http://speakeasy.net/business/sdsl/
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