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  1. Usually HSPDA for Cellphone now they emerge to computer as insert using usb to connect internet.. http://www.inter.net.ph/latest/globe-3g-with-hspda.html
  2. Looks like HSPDA yup it is.. Insert usb then access internet thru cellsite.. Yup you can bring anywhere.. But its too expensive (daw)
  3. Also in my place Globelines also planning to have an internet connection in my place. It think this Globe can gave use more benefits if we are the first subscriber in order to compete with Smartbro. Instead of 384kbps on Smartbro ads it think Globe double it.
  4. It look like SmartBro also.. Using canopy i think [move]Smart Bro Plan 999[/move]
  5. ok thanks. i'll to move my slide to 512.. If that so..I wish i could reach 600 club. All i'll installed here, cccleaner,tcp optimizer, cablenut, nod32. Clear all.. great speed.. using pentium 3 733mhz with 512mb ddr.
  6. Also mine 1MB too.. How's that to make 7Mb on that aggregates? What that "power"?
  7. Since my slider point to 384 can we move to next? How can i reach 600? hehehe :cheesy:
  8. Thanks coolbuster! So what shall we do to reach 600? Hehehehe.. Im proud to reach 400+ now i'm enjoying it..
  9. My upload Test [move]I'm using SmartBro Plan999[/move]
  10. Heres mine speed after i access my canopy.. Having some improvements..
  11. I think you adjust your video resolution. Its video resolution try to adjust to default 640x480
  12. That test done this morning aug 15 test at 9:00AM
  13. ok from now on i'll take my tcp optimizer slide first step at 384kbps. Thank you again frostbound. i'll need to restart my pc and open it up tommorow. im sleepy now.. Thanks a lot frostbound for the advise.
  14. ok thank you frostbound! i'll take my slide starts at 384 i think.. i'll try it muna. Im from Cotabato City using Smartbro Plan 999.
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