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  1. I have heard through the grapevine that torrents are being watched heavily at this point, so i would stay clear of them for awhile. As far as supernova, some IRC guys are telling me they will be back. They are working on a new technology called like ezeem or something. Supposedly its anonymous. Don't hold me to this though. Just telling what i have heard.
  2. Having the node in ur front yard, right next to your computer, or three block away has nothing to do with the signal you get. In general, distance is not a factor. The only thing about having it farther away from you is that there is more chance for interference entering the line.
  3. Adelphia blocks ICMP packets, so you will not be able to run a tracert from a command prompt, you can use www.pcpitstop.com and use there tracer tool. As for your speeds, I don't know of any Adelphia packages that offer a 384 upload. You say you get 3000 down, that package has a 256 upload. There only other package is the premiere service, which offers 4000 down and 512 up. From what i can see, you are prety much right at your cap figuring in overhead.
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