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  1. I can't find the linksys router. Have you guys had good luck with any of the other routers that accept the firmaware?
  2. Cool. Thanks for the reply and for the information. I understand that this firmware allows all kinds of additional functionality in addition to not sucking like the Linksys firmware. Have you used any of the added functions ? Can I run two of the routers to better cover my house with the new firmware ? I have been agonizing over which router to get because I bought a media streaming device, a Slim Devices Squeezebox - a stereo / computer piece that lets you play your MP3s on your stereo. It is 802.11g. If I can buy two of the Linksys routers that might allow for a good signal to the media server
  3. The version is critical. Is there a serial number guide somewhere that you know of or some way to tell what I am looking at. You guys have this cool guide: http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-12222 on the forum for installing third party firmware for these routers but I notice that the version of the router is CRUCIAL to not screwing the firmware flash. I am going to the big box stores tonight to look for a the right version of router, but I need to know how to find it.
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