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  1. After I play a game on my computer, videos will stop working, but only the sound will work. before I play a game they work fine, but after I play the screen is just black with the sound working... It works after I logoff and log in again, but they dont work after I play a game. What could it be?
  2. What should the temperature be about? Mines usually at 50-60 degrees Celsius, computer temperature around 40, and my gpu temperature at 60, and while playing games around 80
  3. Hey thanks guys, I've installed it and everythings running smooth. My first build has had a few road blocks, but I managed to get past them thanks to you guys.
  4. alright i kind of solved that problem by not plugging in the hard drive and then booting the windows cd, and then i plugged it in and loaded the file sonto the hard drive, but now i got another problem... After loading the files it says the computer will restart in however many seconds and set up will continue, but when my comp does restart, it takes me back to the menu for the bios that says press f1 to continue, well i press f1 and it does the whole thing all over again.
  5. Yes both on the same IDE cable, and im using the disk that came with my dell.
  6. I dont really know the BIOS?my mobo is a MSI 945GM3, the drives are both ATA, the motherboard says they're in Third IDE Master and Third IDE Slave, im using WIndows XP. If its possible to reformat the hard drive I think that would solve the problem..
  7. Hey guys, i just built my new computer , enter bios and everythign seems ok. My hard drive is set as Master, and my Dvd burner set as slave, so it says insert boot up cd, so thats what I did. It saved a whole bunch of files from the disk(windows) and then asked me to restart. Ok so I did that , and windows begins to install, I notice that its stuck on 39 minutes for about 15 minutes and the computer seemed to be frozen, so i hit the reset button and try again. I hit boot from cd, but now i get an error everytime i do it. even if i load the driver cd for my motherboard, it says restarting insta
  8. Next time mate This was my first build and I wanted to use something familiar, but this wont be my last either so im always open for suggestions
  9. hey guys, i got my parts in but I got a problem, I think my Power supply is dead, my computer will not turn on at all , i got the leds in the right place, but it just wont turn on. Can anyone tell me how to test the power supply to see if its working or not.
  10. Reading the reviews on Newegg , it seems to be a pretty good cpu. And its cheap, so I cant really complain.
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