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    Well no offence to anyone on this side of the fence but you could switch to Hughesnet now. It isn't like these speeds will last forever but I just upgraded to the new KA band system with the elite plan which is supposed to be 2Mb down and 300Kb up and I am staying around 2.3 to 2.6 Mb down and 250 to 300 Kb up with avg pings running from 550 to 700. Hughes is just another satt. system with bad tech support but I have been with both companies and I have to say that if you press them hard enough when you have trouble they usually try to resolve the problem and their over all policies with the new fap system and free download period show they are trying to make their systems customer friendly. Just something to look into if you don't have any other option. I would do some serious research into cell service if I were you though if you havn't already because I live in Oklahoma as well and I thought that just my little corner here by Grand Lake was the only spot in this state that wasn't covered by Sprint and Verizon 3g and I am still not sure Verizon doesn't cover me but not going to pay a $500 deposit to find out for sure.
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