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  1. much faster (and satanic) without proxy :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. I've been experiencing 400+++ speed this whole week!! Hope it lasts forever...
  3. ok, what i did that i think that gave me a lot of speed was when i did a lot of cleaning in my system, defragmenting files, scanning for viruses and using tcpoptimizer. There's no secrets at all since many of the tweaks have already been posted here.
  4. ei guys!! I emailed Smart yesterday about my no connectivity thing and in that e-mail i inluded some of what was in my conversation with its rep. (the one who told me to buy a new lan card). And in their reply they told me that they did not call me yet. WTF!!! Then who was I talking to? Smart Bro still sucks!!!
  5. i achieved my 400+ speeds after putting the slider in TCPOptimizer to 6500kbps
  6. hey guys, i have a question. Will there be a difference in speed/ stability between putting IP address, subnet mask,default gateway and DNS manually and acquiring them automatically??
  7. I tested my speed by manually configuring it (pressing the button below "Obtain an IP address automatically"
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