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  1. lol mmmmmmmmmm chicken drumstick dam you guys makin me hungry
  2. u should justy get a buffet installed in your house if your goin to feed every1 lol
  3. if anything ill get one from work and ill email it to myself
  4. yea i do to i actually had my xbox got a mod well when the guy sent it back to me he put a bigger HD in it so on my xbox i have all the halo 1 and 2 mutiplayer files, fusion frenzy, a bunch of pictures, my xbox boots up like a 360, and i have the nintendo, super nintendo, and sega genesis emulators all of this i have on my HD
  5. if you had access to the canopy and was able to put a default plug in u might be able to access it it think the page would be very helpful to you guys
  6. here is a really cool site if your like me i was one that grew up with Nintendo and i loved it i stumbled upon a website you might enjoy http://www.virtualnes.com/
  7. did u try typing in your ip then /mac.html it should bring you to a calibration page and should also show your mac address
  8. lol what are you guys tryin to bribe the installers with food
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