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  1. hmmm try open the command prompts (cmd) and type again -arp without changing your IP (mean's your IP mite look like this 192.xxx.xx.xx) and then try the IP which will appear after you type and enter the -arp
  2. sorry i cant read it even though we the Filipino influence by the spanish i already read problems with 8.2.2 and that 8.2.4 fixes but that was not the problem my problem is my ESN expires on motorola canopy it already exceed the 1yr subscription like it said and needed to purchase another
  3. @tdawnaz nope im not the major contributor on this topic im only a sr. member ive post some tweaks and tips regarding smartbro and rest for a while and when i came back on this site i read about this canopy update so i decided to do so but it says my esn version has been expired and needed to purchase again valid for 1yr hahahaha about this site i already visited it geez its not english nor tagalog i think its spanish whatsoever i cant read it to study what is it
  4. (globe broadband 1mb wired 995 plan) what is this a wireless broadband w/ phone? hmmm what is the fastest PLDT wireless or Globe wireless compare to Smartbro Im planning to change my net
  5. i already know that but i think thats not a good idea bcoz that was not my proper ESN that was the ESN of the base station if i try to use that it may crash my canopy system resulting to no connection or even worst but of course i will try that if someone here use that
  6. wow any people can help me? geez! i guess theres no one huh?
  7. yup! but i already visit that site and i cant find the new canipy software there when i submit my Unit MAC Address (ESN) it says that my ESN or MAC already expire and they cant send an email to me for the link cause of that
  8. it says that my mac or esn had already expired hmmmm any other option where can i download the canopy software?
  9. geeez! seems like there's no people around to tell me where can i download it hmmmmmmmmmmmmmp!
  10. HI! ahhhh long time since i visit the site im back online i want to ask whre can i download Canopy 8.2.2 software i cant find it on the site pls pots it here so we can easily download the software to update our canopy tnx and cheers
  11. thanks man i already downloaded it and it works great the software includes all optimization, cleaning and etc
  12. but this program is same as CCLeaner it only clean files
  13. ok thanks i wish there someone can help me thanks again
  14. hi there ist been a while since i visit this cool site just want to ask if there are new ways of tweak using cablenut using http://www.j79zlr.com/cablenutXP2k.php as a calculator cause when i click TCP/IP Analyzer there are no SCALE FACTOR 2 4 or 8? pls help me and BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! cheeers!
  15. the 80 wires that your saying is the thin wires right? unlike 40 the wires are much thicker so what was the best i used 80 thin wires of IDE but its already broken and i have a replacement of 40 wires of IDE im worrying for my PC to run SLOW
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