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  1. i got my pldt dsl this day and im starting to hate pldt... :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 436 Kbps about 0.4 Mbps (tested with 507 kB) Download Speed is:: 53 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main) Test Time:: 2009/08/01 - 1:25am Bottom Line:: 8X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 19.32 sec Tested from a 507 kB file and took 9.517 seconds to complete Download Diagnosis:: 90% + Okay : running at 99.54 % of your hosts average (21.94) D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-NBCL94IDS User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; e
  2. the contractors that came here today that that it's sop now to lock canopy pages once a subscriber asks for a tech support on site... they said it's smarts new policy and because of this my canopy is locked now... lol... and i did not give them any tip since they annoyed me so much... i think they disabled the high priority channel and the x2 rate... this is my speed now... though it fluctuates to 400 sometimes...
  3. tha't's what i always say... but it will have no effect.. instead i say "i have this conversation recorded on my cellphone.. if it is not fixed i will approach everyone in my area who has smartbro and have a sig campaign stating that they always experience slow and intermittent connection and file a lawsuit against you" slightly effective..
  4. i created a user NONE with BLANK password and ADMINISTRATOR privilege... lol anyway this user was present before but after the hell month of my smartbro when i access the canopy i get only the guest page and i asked SIRACOMPUTER for a password and the root is not present also... luckily admin account is present so i recreated none account...
  5. 3G is better than WiFi... remember the days with FBT(Free Browse Tech.) using globe? i was using my n70 as a modem then and download rate never goes less than 50kB/s in 3G mode... too bad globe FBT stopped already... that's why i was forced to subscribe to smartbro.... T-T
  6. first of all PHP799 / mo for 40 hours only is how do we say deceivingly cheap... less than 2 days lang yan... after the 40 hours PHP10 / 30 minutes... this is Smart's answer to Globe Visibility which is tagged at PHP2k / mo for unlimited access... i dunno who would benefit smartbro's plan but the reason you will get mobile broadband is internet anywhere and unlimited internet at that... smartbro may look cheap at first glance but computing the charges after using the 40 hours will not be so wallet friendly... for example average month is 30 days... 30 * 24 hours is 720 hou
  7. may i ask your location? in our area in san rafael bulacan they added i think at least 2 towers... instead of upgrading the base station...
  8. i wouldn't pay a damn centavo... i have not been able to use it anyway and if they want to sue me i would sue them back and have everyone in sign in a signature campaign against their f***ing ass... i even shouted this afternoon to a poor CSR lady... "ANG TANGA NG TECHNICHAL TEAM NYO... ALAM MO BA SPELLING NG T-A-N-G-A" i was literally shouting at her because the anger that will fill you after 22 days of hearing "please monitor your connection for 24 hours" will be unbearable... i even asked her 21 times 24 she said "sandali lang po" ("please wait a while") she said 500+ i said that's how
  9. lolz at least for you it's 11 wonderful months.... i had only good connection until october... right now it's always 67kbps... and they can't even fix their facilities... next month when globelines comes here i will have a notarized letter for disconnection...
  10. there was some csr named janet who insisted to me that my present 179kbps is normal... and that 384 kbps is only burstable.. lolz i wanted to shake her and maybe she would wake up...
  11. it also happened to me from november 1 to 14... i call their hotline every day to report this occurence... (mine was worst than yours... metering at 30kbps on peak hours...) they would fist check my basestation and say a technical problem occurs... but there was one time when i called and asked the status of the BS the CSR told me that there was nothing wrong with the BS i'm connected to... i said why is my speed only 80kbps at that time... she said "let me check again sir" when he came back she said that there was a technical problem... when i got pissed last november 12 i dema
  12. every initial speedtest i do it always go to this burst speed... but then on the second test it drops back to 390kbps...
  13. Still without tweaks... taken 8:15am November 1, 2007 GMT +08:00 a few hours later it will drop to 300+ lolz...
  14. yeah... after 5 days they finally listen to my insistence that there is a problem with the base station... the last CSR told me that the field visit that 4 CSR insisted is no longer needed because the problem has already been fixed at the base station.. i wanna knock on the heads of those CSR and maybe i will hear only air...
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