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  1. hi... even if i am new can i ask an invite? ^__^ thanks... jpveneracion{at}inbox{dot}com thanks!
  2. can i add something? my canopy homepage cannot be accessed when it is plugged into the WAN port of my linksys router... but when it is directly connected to a computer it can be accessed... ^__^
  3. strange... i can change my color code and still able to browse... but i always revert it to the original one entered by the installers because it always has the highest RSSI...
  4. 622 is not empty but 623 is on my browser... anyway just a while ago i got a fake download speed... but it was nice to look at anyway... here it is..
  5. shouldn't you post your question in an appropriate thread? anyway just try limewire...
  6. my speed as of posting... yesterday was crappy but now it's kinda fast...
  7. my results as of posting time... Safari: Firefox: IE6: so IE seems to be really fast eh (my fastest up to date)? i dunno but the interval of each test is maybe 1-3 minutes...
  8. okay, after 2 days of crappy connection im back to my former speed of well maybe still a bit slower.... i called tech support new application last night and they said that the base station near me is undergoing adjustment and monitor my speed within 24 hours... as of now everything seems well... but my email is still not working... anyway who needs it..
  9. when we had the storm my speed is way better than now... ill give them a few more days and then maybe i won't pay my bills... lolz OT: ill just wait for globelines wireless... the globe tower is just in front of our house... remember FBT i was able to download at 80kb/s using 3G... back to topic.... maybe smart was just playing with their equipment and broke something again.... hehehe st**id dum*a**es!
  10. how do i know if my canopy is broken? i dunno because all day this is my speed... anyway i think it's just the tower because the RSSI is only 707 instead of the normal 830 in our area...
  11. what part of them do we tweak? :2funny: :2funny:
  12. inconsistent as they are... (got frequent disconnect early morning) smartbro is my only choice aside from dial up.... (which is still smart by the way...) i use my n70 and smart sim card but not on 3g mode so it sucks big time...
  13. yup... but my friend cannot access their canopy settings... too bad for them... we did the test at the same time and he said that their tower is just 100 meters away but when the results came up it's just 180 kbps...
  14. that's because when he accessed the canopy i used my telescopic eyes that i used when copying exams way back in college to look for the ip address but it's the default right? plus i told the installer that i would be installing a wireless router for my system so maybe that's why he left it unlocked... ^__^
  15. thanks for the welcome... ^__^ my smartbro was just installed teusday... and browsing your tips gave me the 400kbps mark... thanks for that... ^__^ and as of now i can still access my canopy settings... ^__^
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