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  1. Hey guys, I discovered a tweak that might help with your speed. I haven't formally tested it out but everything seems to load faster when I did this. Ok, the first thing to do is find a decent color code for your SM. Preferably high in RSSI and low in jitter, with the latter being more important. Once you find it, take note of its frequency. In my case, it's 5755. Then, head over to Configuration > Radio. You'll see the first entry as "Custom Radio Frequency Scan Selection List". Remember the frequency of your color code? It's in there somewhere. Now that you've got a good c
  2. Hmmm... your method works. I was able to access my AP but it asked me for a login and password. Hehe. Too bad. I wonder what the username and password are...
  3. Hey man, I updated my Canopy SM to 8.2.2 and it worked all right. Not much of a difference, there were a few new settings to play around with and that's it. I came back to this page: http://www.motowi4solutions.com/software/ Canopy System Software for use with Prizm 3.0 (.pkg2) Highlights of Canopy Release 8.2.4: * Resolves an issue where an SNMPWALK or SNMPBULKGET on an SM with NAT and DHCP Client enabled would reset the SM. * Resolves an issue where a link between an AP and a P8 or P7 SM would fail and not recover and would show idle on the AP, but registered on
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