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  1. I think it is now down to 40 hours - then in blocks of 30 minutes metering.

    Meaning, if you connect to the internet at 1:30pm, then disconnect at 1:45pm, your consumption is already rounded off to 30 mins.

    Then if you connect again at 1:55pm until 2:10pm, your consumption is already counted as two blocks of 30 mins.

    So, your usage from 1:30pm to 1:45pm then 1:55pm up to 2:00pm is for the first 30 minutes.

    Then your usage from 2:01pm up to 2:10pm is already for the second 30 minutes.


    It is actually different from the smartBRO using canopy-AP. Perhaps, they called it smartbro plug it since it's similar to the existing smartbro using canopy-AP ( i mean, because it's all about the internet). Actually, if you call *1888 they will just give you some details and  WILL advise you to dial *888 ( gsm hotline ) to get plug it support.

  2. If your basestation is faulty as in super faulty. You can't do anything about it.

    *A congested basestation is different from a broken basestation.^_^

    There's still hope left on a congested basestation but a broken one has none, only despair.

    Correct. Only in a congested basestation, you might experience slow/intermittent connection if you won't do anything about it.

  3. you can't do anything because that is the job of a costumer service rep. man, they just read scripts. they are not technically trained to handle technical problems coz they are just from the call center.

    They are actually trained to handle technical problems but still they need to perform step by step procedure for quality evaluation. Well, that's call center standard operating procedures.


    Yes. Email would be a great choice aside from visiting your nearest wireless center so that their what so called higher technical support might schedule you for field visit if they find something wrong with the antenna. They might also tell you quickly right after their opening spiel if there's a problem with your base station. If it's a congested or intermittent Basestations, DON'T expect that they'll be giving you a definite time to fix it. Well, we should understand that. BUT when first quarter of 2008 comes, and  you'll still be having the same problem, that's the best time to revolt! joke...  :haha:

  4. contractors are not the ones holding the money. ika nga nila "dumadaan lang ang pera at kame lang ang tagakontrata" technician are not at fault too. they are just laborers and they have no power to change anything because POWER is MONEY and MONEY is POWER. Technicians also wished for an upgraded basestation for the problem to lessen because they know its pointless to have a field visit when the problem is on their side.

    Do more research about the SMART-CONTRACTORS Agreement..  :azn:

    Procopio, youre asking me about what should contractors do about salary.

    how about this: i asked my technician to do a field visit to fix a clients connection. he didn't fix it because the basestation was the problem. will you not give him his salary eventhough he did a field visit? when you know that its the bosses fault that he didn't give funds for an upgraded basestation?

    You answer this.^_^ 

    Case to case basis. Anyway, some people here in the forum have congested base station but no problem with their connections.. So the possible solution, do some tweaks ( if you believe in it )  :smiley:

    Anyway, Me too, if I am the technician and I am in the middle of the war.. I will find something to go out of those freaking bullets..  :smiley:

    what they're doing is unethical. what would Jesus Christ do?


    its the BOSS who tells them where the money will go and he's telling them its going to his pocket.

    Let's try to become a big businessman  :evil6:


    Anyway, let's try to find out the stable DNS to help each other. In some cases, some subscribers are complaining that they can't connect to yahoo messenger or sometimes it will turn on and then turn off again after a minute. Try proxy.smartbro.net - port 8080 in connection preferences.

  5. i think you're half correct.

    imagine this, if your basestation gives you a nice speed, but you computer is not tweaked/configured to handle such speeds satisfactorily, you will have poor connection.

    this works in vice versa, if you're computer is tweaked, but the basestation is faulty, you will still have poor connection.

    in order to have a good connection, you need a good basestation and good tweaks.

    p.s. i don't use proxies too.

    I agree. Enough said.

  6. OT for everyone - smartbro guy went here last week. they told me its the base station and they admitted that its with the smart not us. my dad had a chitchat with them for a while. it's funny because "ginawa kameng labasan ng mga hinaing sa smart company XD" and it's pitiful that Smart gives really low salary to their employees.XD they are paid per work done. and they are unfair. if they're guy didnt fix the connection they will not get paid even if the CULPRIT is the basestation.

          one time, one of them had a quarrel with their superiors about their crappy basestation saying they should upgrade it. he was terminated after that immediately.XD

        I just wanna say if smartbro guys went to visit you. dont blame them. BLAME THEIR SUPERIORS. AYAW NILA GUMASTOS PARA MAGUPGRADE NG BASESTATION.

    sorry for the long off topic message. i just wanted to uncover the evilheartedness of smart tel. company to the newbies here.^_^

    please dont ban me or anything.T_T

    Are you referring to SmartBRO technician? Actually, as far as I know, smart is paying P 450 PER VISIT to their contractors. I.e. EPINS, UMI etc. It's up to them (said contractors) how many technicians they want to send for every subscriber. I think they only need to send one or two people depending on the problem. Sometimes, they are sending two or more technicians, what will happen to P 450 then? As per their ( technicians) salary, it actually depends on their bosses ( contractors ).

    If you are in that business, do you want your contractors to do the same thing? I mean you trusted those contractors to help you fix the problem of their subscribers, but they don't do their job that well ( not all ). Sometimes, the low salary that they ( technicians ) are talking about depends on their bosses ( technicians ).

    I am not actually in favor of smart in general, but sometimes be considerate. The bad thing is, SMART SHOULD STOP INSTALLING NEW SUBSCRIBERS UNTIL THEY FIXED all their congested base stations.

    Anyway, repairing those base stations is not that easy in a big business. But in fairness to them, some base stations in north luzon especially in bataan and zambales were already fixed ( but still not all of them).

    We are looking forward now in fixing their base stations in some part of bulacan, metro manila, palawan, laguna area and some part of visayas and mindanao! hehehe..  :evil:

  7. Actually, we can. But it's not fun having to use that right though, we're both better off if this dispute ends peacefully.

    On the internet, freedom of speech only goes as far as the person owning the website (or those that have been put there by that person for moderating) allows it, and you're treading into dangerous territory with that attitude. Enough with the warnings, it needs to change (at least on this website), or you're outta here (again).

    Mmmmm.. Sorry but we are in a forum right? Yes, you are what we called the moderators.. But here in what we called "forum," we are here TO HELP, so if there's something wrong with the answers or suggestions of the posters, we should correct it.. I've read all the posts in this thread and found out that Sir smartbroken_user corrected only the wrong information given by sir coolbuster2007 about the power level.. Correct me if I'm wrong.. Thanks..

  8. well my experience calling csr was 1st they asked me of my full name (name middle name surname) then my ip address and my physical address and my smartbro id no. i asked them why the hell should i give my ip address and physical address csr tld me that it was for tracking purposes so that they would see if i have a connection... sounds funny huh! then i hang up on them not telling them the rest of the info except for my full name, and TADA after 2 mins. they texted me that my basestation was down! then a minute after they called me asking what do i msg do i see when i open my browser..., I sad "Nah thanks for the help but im gonna sleep now maybe later i'll chit chat with yah!" he he he

    One of their reps said that they could actually check your signal from your antenna to their basestation using your Physical Address or MAC Address. Probably, they will just need to verify your IP address if it is valid especially if your complain is No Connectivity.

  9. here's my interpretation:

    1) that 125.60.***.*** is the assigned IP address of smartbro in your area or your proxy server (in case you use one).

    Every device connected to the public Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses consist of four numbers separated by periods (also called a 'dotted-quad') and look something like

    Since these numbers are usually assigned to internet service providers within region-based blocks, an IP address can often be used to identify the region or country from which a computer is connecting to the Internet. An IP address can sometimes be used to show the user's general location.

    Yep.. In short. That would probably the IP Address of the base station where you are homed...

  10. hey check out what smartbro emailed me!! ang tigas ng mukha!!!!

    good day...baka meron pa po kayo kilala gusto magpakabit ng smart bro...just email me the ff info: you can also get in touch with me at 09204653010...thanks



    City / Municipality:

    Email Address:

    Mobile No:

    Home Phone No:

    Office Phone No:


    ID Type & Number:

    ZIP Code:

    Wow! Who the hell is that guy?

  11. Don't worry. I've heard something that all the base stations will undergo expansion. They will just prioritize all congested base stations with several complaints. As far as I know, they've already expanded some base stations in Bulacan, Cavite and some part of Laguna. More to come guys.. Let's try to understand them, Base station expansion is not that easy.. :)

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