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  1. stilll no luck for me... kept typing arp -a on cmd.exe till the reply was no arp file was found.. lol
  2. @ snip07 gratz bro for opening the canopy page... kept pinging for about 10 mins and the last responce was " no arp file was found".... i wanna start crying now... need help badly...
  3. i did the method and kept typing arp -a it showed 1 same ip add and kept typing arp -a then the responce was no arp file was found. hmmm what happened?
  4. i kept doing that and only 2 ip add shows up every time...
  5. what does this mean? do i have to keep on typing arp -a till i can see the ip i wanted?
  6. after pinging arp -a on cmd, this is what i got: Interface: --- 0x10003 Internet address Physical address Type 00 - 50 - b7 - f0 - 7f - 35 dynamic can u comment on this one?
  7. @ tamie77 yeah itried changing it and i didnt allow me to access the page... but ill try ur newly posted guide... ty @ snip07 thanks for the help bro!
  8. current speed taken 1:40 pm Cebu City Area: pretty damn slow... losing hope on accessing my canopy page...
  9. oh got it... when i tried it back in my cmd.exe and typed arp -a, there is no 3rd line or digits that shows the ip unlike in this example PART 2: The Canopy IP Address Quest Now you need to know your Canopy IP Address. There are two ways I know of: -> Method 1 (The Safe Way): 1. Go to Start -> Run -> cmd.exe. On the command promt, type arp -a (take note of the space after the word arp). The command prompt will display several IP addresses. Example: C:Documents and Settingsgiluk_no_jutsu>arp -a Interface: --- 0x2 Internet Address Physical Address Type 0a-00-3e-f7-de-2d dynamic 0a-00-3e-f7-de-2d dynamic what happened? did i miss sumthing?
  10. this is the ip that i got from the covertion 16614127
  11. i tried pinging the ip that i got, it works thou... hmmm
  12. okies. no hope i guess. but anyways, thanks for lending help. hehe.
  13. " the connection is refused " so does this mean it is really blocked?
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