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  1. stilll no luck for me... kept typing arp -a on cmd.exe till the reply was no arp file was found.. lol
  2. @ snip07 gratz bro for opening the canopy page... kept pinging for about 10 mins and the last responce was " no arp file was found".... i wanna start crying now... need help badly...
  3. i did the method and kept typing arp -a it showed 1 same ip add and kept typing arp -a then the responce was no arp file was found. hmmm what happened?
  4. i kept doing that and only 2 ip add shows up every time...
  5. what does this mean? do i have to keep on typing arp -a till i can see the ip i wanted?
  6. after pinging arp -a on cmd, this is what i got: Interface: --- 0x10003 Internet address Physical address Type 00 - 50 - b7 - f0 - 7f - 35 dynamic can u comment on this one?
  7. @ tamie77 yeah itried changing it and i didnt allow me to access the page... but ill try ur newly posted guide... ty @ snip07 thanks for the help bro!
  8. current speed taken 1:40 pm Cebu City Area: pretty damn slow... losing hope on accessing my canopy page...
  9. oh got it... when i tried it back in my cmd.exe and typed arp -a, there is no 3rd line or digits that shows the ip unlike in this example PART 2: The Canopy IP Address Quest Now you need to know your Canopy IP Address. There are two ways I know of: -> Method 1 (The Safe Way): 1. Go to Start -> Run -> cmd.exe. On the command promt, type arp -a (take note of the space after the word arp). The command prompt will display several IP addresses. Example: C:Documents and Settingsgiluk_no_jutsu>arp -a Interface: --- 0x2 Internet Address Physical Address Type 0a-00-3e-f7-de-2d dynamic 0a-00-3e-f7-de-2d dynamic what happened? did i miss sumthing?
  10. this is the ip that i got from the covertion 16614127
  11. i tried pinging the ip that i got, it works thou... hmmm
  12. okies. no hope i guess. but anyways, thanks for lending help. hehe.
  13. " the connection is refused " so does this mean it is really blocked?
  14. already have it. what do i do next? do i follow the steps? if i do follow the steps u posted i cant browse.
  15. oh yeah... i got the last digits... ill convert them 1st... hope my conversion is right thou... but u can help convert if u want to... here it is : fd82ef = ?
  16. this is what ive read... However, may mga cases for some modules na pinalitan ng 10.xx.xx.xx ang IP address. So, kung hindi gumagana yung IP address sa number 1. Try niyo gamitin yung 10.xx.xx.xx. Ano yung xx's? Only when the canopy lite SM is within your reach can you use this 10.xx.xx.xx scheme dahil dependent sa nakasulat na number sa loob ng module yung mga xx. Just get the last 6 characters of the number that you are going to get inside the module (pag tinanggal niyo yung cover ng RJ-14/11 slots) and convert each 2 characters to decimal (base 16 to base 10). Kung di kayo marunong magconvert, check niyo sa net, marami dung pangconvert. Basta ang main idea, pag-base16, nagbibilang ka from 0 to F, so after 9, imbis na 10, A then B, C, D, E, F, tapos saka palang 10. Meaning, ang 10(base 16) ay 16(base 10). Mas madaling magconvert from hex to binary, tapos binary to decimal. Halimbawa... 10(base 16) ay 10000(base 2) tapos 2^4(base 10) = 16 (two raised to the fourth power). Fourth power dahil nagcocorrespond yung rightmost zero to a power of 0.
  17. can u direct me to the link bro? kasi sa isang forum, iba eh... last 6 digits daw... confusing! hehe
  18. oh okies. so in the browser ill type 10.x.x.x? is that right? correct me if im wrong, i think i saw a post stating that the last 6 digits? was it 6 or 3?
  19. so do i enter the 3 digit i got instead of
  20. already have the last 3 digits of it... then what do i have to do next? do i type it in the browser like 10.x.x.x?
  21. oh i see... let me check it now. my canopy is within my reach. hehe
  22. maybe they have a new address now. btw, if can access ur canopy with anew add, can u try to post it so i can try it if it works for me too?
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