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  1. Ah, but tommie, there's been no proof that he was hiding bin Laden. Granted, there's no proof saying he wasn't, either, but we went in there half-cocked and threw an entire country into basically a political sprial. They don't know what we're doing and half of us don't know what we're doing there either. I'm not saying that area should have been left alone, but I've asked a few of my friends who are on the front line if they even know what they're fighting for. The answer is some variation of "Well, I thought it was for democracy and freedom, but now, I'm not so sure". I'd love to believe we'r
  2. I'm probably about to open a giant can o' worms on this and I apologize in advance for anyone I offend. I'd just like to leave my own opinion on the matter. First of all, I was born in Alabama, USA. My parents have raised me in the Deep South all my life *I've never been to New York, don't plan to either *. Ask anyone from the Deep South and they'll tell you that we're about as patriotic as they get. However, though I love my country, I despise what we have come to stand for. Yes, we're over there trying to free up an entire country from opression and terror and tyrants, but at what cost?
  3. Like Sierra said, it differs from month to month, depending on your usage. For instance, let's say on day 4 of your service, you download 3 MB of information. That information counts against your allowed download amount until day 34. On day 35, that 3MB rolls off. However, if you go over your allowed amount of download *or upload -- it works the same way*, it will take 30 days from the day you went over to roll off and get your back to your regular speed, not when the bulk of your downloading rolls off. Hope that helps!!
  4. Hope to see you on again, ca3le. By the way, I've been close to where you are with bike wrecks. It sucks, worse than a back-alley--well, you get the drift. Just know that the pain fades, as do (most of) the scars. But the memories of a brush with death will stick around for a while. Don't let them keep you from your bike and feeling the closest thing those of us without wings get to flying. tdawnaz, give him a hug from all of us and make sure he just rests. Sleep is over-rated anyway
  5. Well, Roco, you just said hi yourself *he's a coworker and saw the post*. And he said hi back, and that he was 14 when he went across the big blue pond. And, no, tommie... not the new way of making OJ, though it is a bit of food for thought.....
  6. (to tommie) Yeah, oranges in a sweat sock. Regardless of how hard you hit, it never leaves a single mark. But it hurts like hell... (to Roco) I've got a friend who moved from a small town in Scotland to New York City and, when he was a child, his parents would offer him alcohol at pretty much any event. But after the move, he and his parents went out to dinner and he ordered a glass of wine. Needless to say, he got quite upset when he was told that he couldn't get any alcohol *his parents were pissed, too, because they wouldn't serve any to them for fear they would give it to the "underag
  7. I agree. Society has taught our youth that if we attempt to punish them, they can merely cry "child abuse" and get away with murder. Hell, I grew up just fine, with a healthy dose of fear of "Momma" put into me by my mother taking a switch to my hind-end on numerous occasions. She never beat me, but she did tan my hide. Then that stuipd "oooh, you can't punish your child with anything but a swat to the bottom and, by the way, if the mark lasts for more than 15 minutes, it's child abuse" crap came up and I got away with almost everything........ until my mom found out just how much my rear-end
  8. I'll agree with that, but downloading such materials eats up your bandwidth usage. And I know that several people use programs like BitTorrent to download massive amounts of that type of information. Hence, Fair Access Policy violations, decreased speeds, all sorts of nasties.
  9. ... Ok, I'll grant you the Native Americans one. I went back and re-read it... typo, my mistake. That'll show me why to ***NOT*** drink massive amounts of Jolt on only 3 hours of sleep. Just one question.... What does "afaik" stand for?????
  10. Hope you're getting well, ca3le. I've had more concussions than years I've been alive, due in part to the non-motorized bikes.... and that one incident with a cannon. Long story. Moving on... Get well soon and just remember. You only need one thumb to hit the spacebar. Hope to see you around again soon.
  11. A couple things I want to point out that weren't mentioned in the study. Out of those 11,000 children that were watched until they were age 30, how many of them had alcoholic parents? Or alcoholic grandparents? There have been studies about how people with some sort of substance abuse are more likely to abuse substances in their lives. Case in point, the Native Americans. That's the reason why so many of them drink. Through generations of alcohol abuse, they have essentially built up a type of tolerance to alcohol that most people in today's society wouldn't dream of trying to achieve. A
  12. The only thing I want to point out about this is that there has been a federal mandate in place for years now to limit the amount of information that a customer can upload and download in a given amount of time. It's called the Fair Access Policy. Granted, individual ISPs are free to actually set the limitations for their own individual users, depending on packages and whatnot. But the point is, this is only another facet of the Fair Access Policy. If someone get's pissed off about the fact that they are having their download and upload usage throttled back, then they should stop with the dirt
  13. No, I was talking about the modem itself, not the Tx and Rx cables. You can't plug those into a surge protector, anyway. But the modem itself has a power block on it, so you'll need to bypass the surge protector and plug it into a wall.
  14. Yeah, it might be beneficial to look over the threshold limits and where you are on the limits. For the Platinum package, it should be something around 17G download, which is kinda hard to reach *that's almost 1/3 of my entire hard-drive * and 5G upload. Also, what types of games do you and your kids play? If you're playingany type of MMORPG, like World of Warcraft or Everquest, then it's entirely possible you are going over. Due to the massive amounts of upload and download that needs to happen between your computer and the server, it's very easy to eat up your bandwidth usage.
  15. Hello tommy and Siryak. Yeah, there are a million and one uses for an old dish, LOL
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