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  1. Yeah your right CoolBuster!!! Maybe they need to see an Ear Specialist for that.... Any good ideas on how to reach those deaf people? Maybe we should learn how to do sign language so we can communicate with them....LOL
  2. Don't worry just keep on doing the 20 steps of CB..... No Harm in trying....Goodluck!!!
  3. been trying all these stuff but to no avail.....But my speed is stable 480 - 490 Kbps.... I'll just have to be patient, my time will come....
  4. I accessed my canopy once but now I can't anymore.....
  5. Can't access my canopy setting, but tried coolbusters 20 steps and proxy setting. Here is what I get.....
  6. Check your lan cable is connected. Check if the power for the canopy is plug in properly or maybe best way is to turn off your PC and boot up again. Don't just restart....
  7. Just reached my 300 mark for DL speed. yahooooooo!!!
  8. Is this better? Learning some new stuff, thanks.
  9. Here's my screenshot. See attachment, don't know that I can attach a pic this way
  10. I think it's coolbuster's setting, I just read mapuamj's post just today. Check out my Screenshot. Yes I was downloading the crtgapan scandal....hehehe
  11. Check this out!!! See the speed from the download speed test then the Kbps while I was downloading a file. My DL has improved a lot when I used the proxy setting. Please validate this one, Thanks!!!
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