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  1. or did u update to the latest firefox release? maybe hes using firefox but an old release cause its security patches is old also if your using those old ones it can be a reason why certain viruses can get inside your pc
  2. thanks for the corrections what was i thinking im thinking too much
  3. I already have my ip address but when i tried to enter into my browser. "No Page Display".... Please Help!! make sure u changed your lan card ip to if your ip is in the 10's and if its not just use if its the dafault ip of canopy just some corrections its not 192 it shud be sorry i was really sleepy the time i posted this good luck to you bro make sure u also got a copy of your mac adress of the canopy and check the ip adress they will put in the ip tab on the canopy configurations so you can access
  4. if youre using cablenut using others settings is really not recomendable because we all have our diferent settings you should just use your own settings and it can help you get more speed rather than using a already made settings by other members
  5. try this. change your lan connection ip to then save the changes. open a command promt just click on start then run type cmd and enter type ipconfig there there shoulb be 3 diferent ip adress there do not choose but rather choose the other one and put that into your browser. if this dont work for you your canopy is blocked by either you or by smart. i experienced blocking my own canopy because i was playing with the configs in there but i used an overide plug and it solved my problems cause it will restore it to factory settings.. goo
  6. youre very unlucky cause u have no admin account in your canopy the only thing i can suggest to you is using the overideplug so u can create your own admin account in your computer. cause actually noone knows what the installers input in the admin accounts passwords
  7. actually im using tinyxp platinum edition by sniper at the moment and it has the batch file for 5 types of service configuration that works really great
  8. Disabling unnecessary and potentially dangerous services Windows XP comes with Terminal Services, IIS, and RAS that can open holes into your operating system. It's often convenient to enable Terminal Services to allow remote control functions for the help desk or administering servers, but you have to make sure it's configured correctly. There are also several malicious programs that can run quietly as services without anyone knowing. Be aware of all the services that all run on your servers and audit them periodically. Below is a list of the common services found on Windows XP, thou
  9. yesterday i went to shangrila mall to talk to a customer support in a wireless center and they just get my details so a technician will call me the other day. well got a call today and they ask if my connection is stable and i said yes its stable but its really slow. and i said i have a friend whose base staion was already upgraded with 512 and i ask when will our base station be upgraded.. the cs said to me that theyre planning to upgrade base stations but depends on the location and subscribers, i was like wtf its their responsibilities to give their customer good service and just
  10. and also to add most torrent sites that you download there is either has a virus or spyware bundled with it....
  11. u must have changed ur ip by local or smart blocked you already just browse the forums for how to access in other ways your canopy some methods. 1 overide plug 2 mac adress
  12. i think its not possible for you to access other peoples canopy unless your using both the same canopy or might sharing the connection of the internet in just 1 canopy.
  13. @saiji123 well its time for you to use an overide plug they changed your ip coverted to your esn number or much worse smart already blocked you from accessing the canopy
  14. if someone did this make an testimonial... i myself tried this but when i was redirected in smart portal i was indicated in the page that system change was detected and my account was temporarily deactivated.. but no worries just return your color code to your original color code before u did any changes and your internet connection will be fine again.
  15. if someone tried this can someone tell me if there been succesful.. and they didnt encountered any problem changing base stations..
  16. procesor doesnt affect your download speed. heres an example an old pc with a isp provider and has a 8mbps adverstisement speed and a dual core procesor with a dial up connection. that should give you an idea
  17. was wondering maybe they will know i change my settings cause i think my canopy is already registered on color code 2 because when i change it to 157 i always come back to smart portal and says system change detected account is temporary disabled call customer support... but i returned it to color code 2 my original base station then i dont encounter that anymore and i can connect to the internet already
  18. so theres a chance i can change my abse station i just need to call their hot line when i encounter that problem? anyway it only happens when i change my color code i discovered were almost 60 users in my color code which is 2 and i see that in color 157 theres only 19 users so thats why i want my color code to be 157.
  19. yah thanks for the suggestions.. there is 3 type of rams sd ram for old type of pcs dd ram for pentium 4 and up rdram for branded computer anyway if i buy a mother board with a procesor of celeron d 3.10 ghz i really shud buy a minimum of 256 dd ram and because of compatibility issues cause my sd ram wouldn't fit in.
  20. tried it and its useless anyone here tried changing base stations here? anyone encountered problems in doing that...
  21. omg a mac user it will be hard to tweak that but i read some tips in tweaking macintosh but i cant remember where i read it
  22. whats the adress to access smart portal in my browser?
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