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  1. I checked out Deeco this morning. And I found out this: rj-11 6 pin doesnt exists, it only has 4 pins on it I have found an rj-12, it has six pins and it has the same size of rj-11. I still need to buy an rj-12 scrimping tool, because I only have for rj-45.
  2. Umm, You're from davao? anyways, i'll first try to make one, myself. I know how to crimp and stuff. ummmm, one question? do the plug doesn't need to have another end point? You just use the plug toshort 2 pins, its like shorting pins on your motherboard instead of using jumpers, here on canopy we will use rj11, 6pins? right? Thanks!
  3. I want to buy a default plug. How much each? I'm located at commonwealth area, quezon city. Where can we meet!?
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