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  1. does patching the maxhalfopen will speed up connection ? wat value recomended??
  2. wish i can still boost it up a bit for my utorrent still getting that red thingie and triasngle yellow thinghie at the bottom i want green thingie to appear
  3. @coolbuster yap idid that but no green thngie i gues idi not port forwrded at all hmm what do you think??
  4. @ ZaZi did u try arp -a and compare ur old ip to ur new?? wat tweaks did u last do to ur canopy??? and try ping ur ip add and ip add of ur canopy that u usually type to open it if it is unreachable or timed out then it maybe block or down time
  5. yap idid port forwrded bt not sure what type of router i must use sometimes that red thingie on the buttom becomes a triangle yellow thingie hmm y is dat?
  6. i also get some tweaks u posted funny thing is when i ran once quick fix it detected that my ip is on static (this smiley is cute )
  7. router i dont have firewall ihave but i olready added my uTorrent to the xception and the port of it (here comes the interesting part) is there anyone who change their dynamic ip add to static??
  8. @coolbuster and this also compare to my download rate
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