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  1. 15 minutes after reboot! so sad!
  2. after using the "20 Steps..." and proxies...here's my result? is this acceptable or not...i really can't tell coz previous speedtests suggest SmartBroken really sucks in giving a stable speed...sometimes its high but most of the time very low...usually i get speeds just a shy away from being a dial-up connection like 58 kbps download speed...besides, im doing these tweaks and configurations in the wee hours of the evening...say 11 to 12 MN up to 3AM where i pressume SmartBroken is at its best and the time where normal people don't use the internet and go to sleep) did i mention i am so frustrated (VERY!) by their service, so frustrated that sometimes it triggers my hypertension the next day. not to mention i have to endure eight ( months more of this stress. any help to calm my nerves will be much appreciated! im done complaining almost everyday in their hotlines for the past 2 months now (where usually no one answers back or answers back with scripted replies).
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