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  1. yeah... ive been reading all ur posts... have done all the tweakings from d contributors, from the 20 steps, opening the canopy, eyc. but hey, i don't know if i'm not that tech enough to do so... all of them failed my PC  :cry:

    well, my last resort is to seek help personally to any friends here... go to my haus, (caloocan lang me, sori for d tagalog  :angel:)and do the tweakings (canopy, network settings etc). i'm willing to pay for d service... :undecided:

    anyone?  :undecided:

    brief PC info:

    P4 1.5 Ghz

    windows xp pro

    using via rhine II fast ethernet

    been a ''BRO' since last month... first 3 wks reaching 380kbps but im suffering at 272 to 290 kbps speeds up to this time.  :cry:

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