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  1. @derek22x if ever i restore my canopy to factory settings how can i bring it back to its previous settings?
  2. rssi and jitter are ok but i'm not satisfy to my speed...
  3. @derek22x thanks i can't post for the last 2 days because my connection went down
  4. help.... i have a unstable connection since feb.11 up to now. i found out that the jitter and rssi drop to zero and after a few minutes its return to normal again.what can do anyone pls...
  5. as i said before i did nothing to have that maximum data rate,7000 is my maximum data rate ever since i start using smartbro
  6. with out cfosspeed, cablenut and tcp optimizer feb.12 7:54am MNL time
  7. i did nothing, this is my default canopy software version CANOPY 8.0 (Build 19) Mar 17 2006 16:46:09 SM-DES
  8. yeah thats what i mean thank you for the correction i am
  9. @derek22x i agree @GroundZero i did not upgrade my canopy make sure your RSSI is less than 700 and Jitter is less than 5
  10. @ sven what software you used to have that speed... can you show to me your canopy setup..please...
  11. @GroundZero i believe that my ip address and my canopy setup really help me to improve my speed please check the links http://www.testmy.net/t-18214.1860 http://www.testmy.net/t-18214.1875
  12. canopy setup+cfosspeed+cablenut+tcp optimizer+my ip no my consistent speed is 1000-1500Kbps
  13. this is my speed test as of feb. 9 12:20pm
  14. how come i get this result i have 37KB/s speed test and my actual download is 210KB/s
  15. different ip using the same subnet and dns above
  16. using my default ip the same subnet and dns above
  17. using this ip subnet dns & as of feb 2, 8:45am
  18. what i mean is by changing you mac you could get a faster ip that can help to booast your speed but i don't know if this is working to you
  19. control panel,network connection then right click local area network,status,support for windows xp
  20. mac will not help you to improve your connection
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