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  1. I already tried that .. it didn't work.. I have read the override plug.. but i cannot understand where to plug it.. and is it really only one sided.. ??
  2. thank you for the link... is that the only way of accessing the mac address..
  3. I am new here so to start off here is what i have learned from reading through posts here. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I need your help as I go through. Conclusion: 1. The Canopy router could be accessed after it has been blocked. 2. This could be done by knowing the MAC address of the Canopy router. 3. The ESN is the same as the MAC address of the Canopy router. 4. The ESN could be found on the antenna located at your roof. 5. To get through the router portal you need to convert the last 3 hex pairs of the ESN into decimal. 6. Then append it to 10.xx.xx.xx respond to these conclusions and enlighten me about this area.. I once accessed the canopy router and logged the IP address of the router portal. It has been working for months, but that time, I don't have an idea on modifying the settings of the router. now, the IP cannot be accessed... Questions: 1. Is the router portal address variable or arbitrary? 2. Can it be change remotely by an operator? 3. Are all router portal addresses based on the ESN of the hardware provided?
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