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  1. same here, it's fun reformatting he he!
  2. @ExtremeFusion: nope still the crappy 384 he he! before i do tweaking stuff i make sure 1st to have a major cleaning on my pc [might a bit boring but worth it, thats if you care a lot for your pc, some people just don't know the importance of cleaning] just do an overall scan, clean those old chunky files, uninstall those applications you use rarely, defrag, have a clean registry.... etc! and drop a call at smartbro's csr you might not know your BS is having trouble!
  3. just a matter of trial and error, ive seen others [including you of course] successfully did it so why can't i , it did not work for my 1st,2nd,3rd try but eventually it worked on my 8th, the problem is at first i only [practically excited to get high speed quickly] followed the steps and concentrating on the cablenut settings but not focusing on other small things that might be a factor on slowing my speed..... scanning the whole drive [just to make sure no viruses/adware/spyware/malware/trojan/worm are multiplying and residing in my pc, cleaning unwanted applications, registry cleaning, too much applications running on the background, too many start up objects and small diskspace left on my HD! then after a bit of patience cleaning up the messy things, i concentrated on the css settings again and poof got some high speeds after:
  4. wow 2 times is a lot, ive tried the 20 steps for about 8 times and the cablenut settings for about 15+ times rebooted my pc for about 30-40+ times [not at the same day and night, including the cleaning, defrag... etc] to get the most stable settings i could have!
  5. yep too much might choke your connection! just stick with the most stable settings!
  6. @jpveneracion: hello there friend finally meet again in tmn, its good news your having a 300+ speed again rather than having less than the dial up with 15 kb/s DL [correct me if i'm wrong] speed before!
  7. well cablenut setting depends on your system but it won't hurt to try other members css settings.... it might work on you too! you can clear the settings anytime if it slows your connection then input/try another setting!
  8. yep, have you noticed me not replying anymore to his comments?
  9. my speed using the cablenut settings above: my jitter now [raining]
  10. its called openDNS: https://www.opendns.com/start i'm using mixedDNS meaning i put in the openDNS as the preferred DNS and the smartBro's DNS as an alternate, just look at my sig or in the tcp/ip configuration chose "Use The Following DNS server addresses" input and
  11. well if you have an existing smart bro plan 999 connection i guess smart wont even bother if you purchase another 1 or 2 of that plan in your location as long as you pay what you availed!
  12. if you have an extra canopy already well i think its up to you on how you will hide it or if you canceled your bro connection and availed the other one that has no monthly bills then theres a less chance that they would inspect your connection for you have already terminated your contract with them, but if you have many neighbors using the bro then you have a high chance of being detected that you have an extra connection coz they might report you.. just a word of advice: KIDS don't try this at home!
  13. well we are not saying you should try this, its merely an information you know! ha ha and its practically for advanced users only to be able to connect to the basestation using an extra canopy!
  14. another lucky member who had successfully set the right settings!
  15. what do you mean 2x? in the mac configuration or the 2 canopy that can speed up your connection up to 1Mbps like mangtom said using his double wan strategy: http://www.testmy.net/t-18839.0
  16. what friendster? was that for me? i meant coolbuster having a high speed test result coz he was the one who started the 20 steps
  17. yep! youll have 2 smartbro connections http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=18839.msg246639;topicseen#new
  18. apparently some guys are selling their canopy, AFAIK we could set up our own canopy to connect at basestation w/o the smartbro tech's help! still gathering information about this... i have yet to contact the tech that i was mentioning about on the other forum topic: http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=21252.msg246713;topicseen#new if this is possible, this is a major drawback for smart
  19. silly! if i get to avail this, i think i would try the dual wan next! he he 2 connections for the price of 1!
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