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  1. @angus25: can you post you current speedtest pls! upon reading your 1st post it seems you tried a lot of anti-viruses and the past ones that you tried didnt satisfied you, can you describe us the antivirus that you want in behavior, interface or style?
  2. what can we expect from the one who started the 20 steps
  3. dunno but their field inspection was suspicious for i didnt filed any problems, and after talking to my friend he gave the tech's my number and address and told them i would get what they were offering!
  4. hmmm, got an idea id still use my legal smart bro connection and purchase the tech's that offers me their own version of smart bro ha ha paying 999 with 2 connections!
  5. from TXTpower and subscribers of SmartBro: http://www.txtpower.org/forums/topic.php?id=35&replies=11
  6. you could use open dns its faster than using a proxy!
  7. yes it's very sensitive, those techs only handpick subscribers that only knew what smart is doing on the market side and subs that has knowledge in stuff such as tweaking! gonna visit my friend and see if he has 2 canopy's installed "AFAIK " he hasn't canceled his original connection with smart though!
  8. @coolbuster: thanks for the info, nice find there! i'm glad i had the qualifications to maintain and enable 2x configuration on my canopy! however i had found [not practically me, but from tech's of smartbro] that we could gain a smart bro connection with equal speed and even higher! a smartbro tech contacted me upon field inspection of my canopy he said if i would like a beautiful package which has no MONTHLY BILLS [yep correct a free SMARTBRO CONNECTION for your home] it seems other tech's has some underground deals, for an amount of 6,000 pesos [150 usd] i can have a smartbro connection same as the plan 999 that we have except the tech's package is only 1 time payment and no monthly bill! thats a way to get even with smart ha ha! i'm still negotiating and asking for details about it but what the tech's saying is true my friend availed the tech's so called "beautiful package" and its been 1 month since it was installed!
  9. so enabling the 2x in the mac configuration also doubles the jitter?
  10. hmmm PC EXPRESS alabang has many tech's and has fast service!
  11. in a way i'm satisfied with my speed right now [thanks to the tweaks] but on other issues i guess not!
  12. Representatives from smart bro say that only 1% of their subcribers are not satisfied with their service, is it only 1% not satisfied or the whole 99% are uninformed about what they are paying for is not worth what they are getting! it's a mere fact that a big part of the smartbro subscribers doesnt know if they get the actual service that they were paying for, contented on having only a connection tru the net but not concerned about the service. as i read from one of txtpowers member he filed a formal complaint about smartbro's service and other flaw, he only lacks the evidences to back him up and other people to know the truth about smartbro's discrepancy.
  13. Smart BRO, the wireless internet provider of Smart,Offered at Plan 999 with speeds of up to 384Kbps is currently being opposed by TXTPower and urging the NTC [National Telecommunication Commission] in the Philippines to investigate Smart BRO's capability to provide quality Internet Service. More Info: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/8415/Irate-Smart-Bro-subscribers-vent-angst-in-cyberspace http://www.smartwifi.org.ph/customer-complaint/consumer-group-to-ntc-stop-smart-bro-wireless-internet/#comment-15436
  14. what does 2x rate do in mac control parameters?
  15. To all you guys celebrating their birthdays this month [like me today] i wish you a very happy birthday! my wish list: 1. more sex appeal 2. longer life 3. more wealth $$$ 4. for the tmn community to be more successful, practically helping more people out there!
  16. so we shouldve posted our distance from our basestation i guess, well here goes mine:
  17. the topic title should have been "POST YOUR DISTANCE FROM YOUR BASE STATION" then we would really know what to do and post in here!
  18. wow nice idea but reformatting should be your last option since it takes a lot of time restoring your previous applications and data's! you could try manually configuring your ip address via TCP/IP properties with and subnet mask to then access your canopy on your internet browser http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=20075.msg246117;topicseen#new for those who don't have the admin account or accidentally lost your default canopy password you could input the default admin account username: root password: <leave it blank>
  19. @kamote: Wew tried that also and got me disconnected from my ap and cannot access my canopy, well heres what you gotta do: At the TCP/IP properties manually input your ip and subnet mask like the pic below then click ok, open your browser and input the canopy address you should be fine now and access your canopy! you should check your canopy configurations if your canopy is not connected to any ap just manually select the color code of your previous ap!
  20. heres a guide on Troubleshooting: Enabling/Checking DMA in Windows Vista, XP, 2000:
  21. whats the speed of your DVD writer [not the discs]? have you set the speed the writer should use when burning a specific media? if your dvd writer is only supporting 4x speed then an 8x dvd -r/+r will only use the maximum of 4x speed of the dvd writer! also check if your firmware is updated. if its updated I suspect that this is an issue caused by DMA not being enabled. This means the device runs in PIO mode which would give you about 4x speed. Also CD burn speed would be restricted. Information: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/storage/IDE-DMA.mspx
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