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  1. hey there gang... I'm also a smartbro user for the past the 3 years (since it was the only available ISP that could reach our house) and now upon moving to a new a house, I changed my ISP to PLDT myDSL. And Whoah!!!! I got he speed that I could only dreamed of for the [ast three years.....CHEERS!!!!!! Tnks....Here's my speed with no tweaking, haven't tried tweaking it yet......Good Day and God Bless.. More Pwer to TMN!!!!!
  2. thanks for the reply ripclawph i tried your suggestion but my speed's still slow, thanks for the time anyway... Is there anyway that you can reset your canopy in order for it to be unlocked? Thanks again here's my latest speed:
  3. @ripclawph yup i've tried both of them (the 169 thing and the 10.20 thing) but to no avail. I only use auto detect. My connection gets slower and slower. Anymore possible way on how can I access my canopy. Really frustrated with my connection speed. thanks ripclawph for replying and to those people who can me thanks in advance
  4. hi its me again..i tried accessing my canopy and I was able to access it for a while but the page didn't load entirely..when i tried loading the page again, it seems that it would not load anymore..please help me on how to access my canopy to try your recommendation on changing the configuration..thanks and more power to you all..
  5. here's my other speedURL=http://www.speedtest.net]
  6. hi there guys, I've been surfing around this forum and tried every recommendation that each and everyone of you is giving but still my internet connection is slow...please help me...i tried accessing my canopy but to no avail... please help me thanks in advance
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