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  1. how to return what i did when it was before I think my speed gone slower than before
  2. -^ does any body try that tweak Is it that effective In my case the "Custom Radio Frequency Scan Selection List" are all checked except for the "none" box
  3. kuya CB eto po ung AP Evaluation SS ko.. ang solution ko sana bumile na lang ng pole tapos ako nalang mag extend mag isa nung pole ko kase nga po may puno dito sa tapat nde naman namin puno un nde namin kontrol po. kaso..ung cord po ay limited..ung black po na wire e nde ko siya maeextend kase po ang igse nya pano po kaya un?
  4. thanks for helping me..but i can't do these today. Got something more important to do..hmm maybe tomorrow..err wait 1 more question..my antenna at roof is to high for me to read those info at the canopy..any tips @elvin1234 What if i experience the other way around? I'm using Mozilla to access my canopy and it does not work. What if i use IE?gotta try that one later CIAO
  5. what if my Canopy MS is block?What should i do?Is there anything i can do?
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